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August 11, 2020


Anointed in the Holy Spirit-Acts 10:38

Take notice of who did the anointing, who not what but who the anointing is. [1] GOD the FATHER does the anointing, [2] and the anointing is the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit is a person, not something or an it but a person. He is the actual Spirit of the Living GOD and He comes with heavenly power.

Our Sovereign LORD GOD, the very essence which is the Spirit of the LORD GOD was not just on JESUS nor will He just be smeared or painted on us but rather our FATHER will fill us with HIS Spirit just as HE filled HIS SON, JESUS. Because we have been chosen and after we have been baptized in the Holy Spirit we will be endowed in power to go out and share the Good News of CHRIST JESUS. No, we do not have to preach this Gospel as those who are of the five-fold ministry do, but we can be living witnesses right where we are, in the home, the neighborhood, the community, our place of employment, and in the schools. 

Stay in your lane and only go where the Holy Spirit sends us to go and speak that which the Holy Spirit gives to speak. This is the message that the Holy Spirit will send us to deliver, [1] we are to bring the Good News of JESUS to those who do not know HIM, [2] the Word of GOD is an ointment, healing anyone who has a broken heart and we should apply the solvent as directed so that when we follow His directions those who have a broken heart will come to find that what broke their heart is being dissolved. [3] Share that they can be released from their captivity in sin through faith in CHRIST JESUS and that they will come out of those prisons and be free in CHRIST JESUS. In Lk. 4:18, JESUS HIMself said what HE said and because JESUS lives within every believer we should want all of what JESUS had in HIS humanity and be who HE said we are in HIM. 

In JESUS humanity HE required to have the Holy Spirit and the power therein, why would we not have the Holy Spirit of GOD/the FATHER as promised and given to JESUS within us as well? This gives us something to think about does it not?

It is impossible to not have a desire to do well in CHRIST JESUS. JESUS after being baptized in the Holy Spirit purposely went around doing well for the needs of people. We should do the same and I am including myself in this because so often we are so mindful of self, what we need to do that we never consider going out looking for ways to help others [doing well in the Holy Ghost]. And I am not beating anyone up including myself but even when we do not go out with a purpose to do well in the lives of people, we often see the needs of people but how often do we tend to those needs? If you live in a red-light district meaning that there are addictions of every sort right there in the community or neighborhood, most likely you have come to know those people either by sight or name. Have we gone over to chat with them just for a moment each time we see them or that person? Most likely not because we do not want to be bothered with their begging, filth, and stench. We need to get over ourselves and do as JESUS did because this is the true calling of our CHRISTian walk to get down and dirty in the dirt without getting dirty with those who are dirty. This should be our hope that what we share of the Good News of CHRIST JESUS without coming off preachy will penetrate their broken hearts so that they can receive their healing. Then we will want to speak with them about receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit after their heart transplant has been given to them by JESUS. Share with them how being baptized in the Holy Spirit will give to them His power so that they can be and live there overcoming and victorious life in the FATHER through CHRIST JESUS with the Holy Spirit. 

We are the only person people can see and hear, and who they should see and hear when they give to us their attention is the MESSIAH/the Anointed One/CHRIST JESUS within us. Reveal to those that do not know that JESUS is who HE said HE is and listen for the Holy Spirit to direct regarding what it is that JESUS has told Him to share with us and do just that and no more or less. 


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