Our GOD Is Kind And Powerful

Psalms 62:1-2, 5, 7-9, 11-12

No other person but CHRIST JESUS can save any human. It Is GOD our Creator whose name is JESUS who is our place of refuge and security where we may go and hide from the enemy and his cohorts. HE Is our Mighty Rock and there is complete safety in HIM.

Where else are we to find true inner peace but in the ONE who Is Peace, JESUS CHRIST. We need to depend on HIM and not on crystals, the shape of the moon, or the sun, in horoscopes where there is only horror in the scope. We need to and should want to depend on JESUS rather than people, places, and things. HE Is The ONE who Is our Arc of Safety, this is where we are secure.

When we begin to believe in who JESUS Is, what JESUS has done, and who we are in HIM our faith will swell to understand that the salvation gift that we accepted is where we are honored through HIM in us. I hope that throughout the years you have found me to not only be your sister in CHRIST JESUS but your friend as well. So, as your friend, I encourage you to place all of your trust in GOD who Is our Creator whose name is JESUS. If we are going to tell anyone anything tell what concerns our hearts to JESUS and allow HIM to counsel us through HIS ever-wise Holy Spirit who is the epitome of Wisdom. I am sure as we share in conversation with JESUS what we normally speak with others we will find most often the information given to us with hopefully good intentions is worldly and erroneous but we can be certain that our conversation will remain between us and JESUS. Everything that JESUS will drive us to search out through HIS WORD or speaks to us in our spirit will be pure truth. In HIM we will never obtain invalid advice. In HIM we will never be given directions to say or do evil toward others or ourselves. We are only a breath, none of us are truly great. Yet, in JESUS we are great. No one will ever treasure us as HE does. Our value is in HIM.

Our FATHER who Is in heaven and whose name is Holy is Powerful and Kind. And HE will reward each of us according to what we do.



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