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September 30, 2020

Prophecy not of man but the Holy Spirit-2 Peter 1:21

Most of all understand this: NO prophecy that is recorded in the Scriptures came from man nor man’s understanding of what he/she wanted to say. The prophets of old always spoke about what was going to happen, be they warnings or instructions, informing people about the LORD. Who HE is, what HE has done, and what HE is about to do. The prophets of old never repeated that which had already been spoken and recorded as I have found those who call themselves prophets of today are doing. I have found that more people calling themselves prophets are most likely people who operate in a word of knowledge rather than the prophetic because ninety-nine point ninety-nine percent of the time when they speak it is what has already been recorded in GOD’s Holy Word. Oftentimes people who have the gift of the word of knowledge will call themselves prophets. They will confirm that which most often the Holy Spirit has already spoken to us about so this will gain the attention of the one being spoken to. Or it is a warning to stop doing what is being done by us.

Dearly beloved, I do not want you to be ignorant of what people who call themselves prophets say to you in the name of our LORD. Most often lying to you about wealth, marriage, or possessions. Beware of people who call themselves prophets claiming that they have had dreams concerning you, do not read too much into that. Does the Holy Spirit agree with what is being said to you or are you feeling uncomfortable? Has the Holy Spirit spoken to you first before a person calling themselves a prophet speak to you about something? If the Holy Spirit spoke to you first and then confirmation is given to you and you have not spoken with people about a thing or you know that this person could not possibly know what they are speaking to you about. Know that it is a word of knowledge in operation, a gift given to some by the Holy Spirit. There are more prophet-liars than there are people who operate in their true gifting in the word of knowledge.

If a person who proclaims to be a prophet speaks information that you yourselves can read in the scriptures, how is this prophecy? I wrote before that prophet’s of old gave instructions, information, and warnings that were spoken by them through the Holy Ghost and recorded. If what has to be said to a person requires discretion then he/she should be discrete when speaking with us and our pastor or another who we trust should be a witness to what is being said. And then write what was said down so that should it come to pass you can write down that what had been said to you has been answered or has manifested. We all must use the scriptures correctly knowing the what and why. We all should desire that the Holy Spirit will daily cleanse our heart of unrighteousness found only by Him. 

GOD’s Word is profitable [advantageous and useful] in every area of our lives. If we will only study and go before the FATHER, speaking with HIM about ourselves, and applying the Word of GOD into our own lives. We will not have any time to gossip about or carry a badge giving us no authority to find the faults of others. Also, we would not have a desire to have anyone come and prophecy over us. Most likely people who have this desire to be prophesied over are those who have itching ears wanting to hear the lies of prophets [not being aware that they are that] who operate in telling lies in the name of the LORD, or they are ignorant to GOD’s Word regarding themselves. 

  1. Instructioninforming and teaching the understanding of that which we have been ignorant of before; conveying knowledge; direction. The Holy Spirit provides us with GOD’s direction, instruction, and knowledge.
  2. Conviction of sinwe all will find in GOD’s Word areas of our life that we did not know of that was sinful [act of commission] as well as we know to be willful sins. However, when we have desires from the FATHER that we are not possessing tangibly, and a person comes and speaks with us discreetly along with our pastor or another that we trust being a witness to what is being spoken, this may be done to gain our attention to stop doing what it is that we are doing. The only way a person who we know full well would not know about what we are doing in secret has to be given a word of knowledge.
  3. Correctionwhich brings us back from affliction, deviation, and the error of sins, to the justifiable standard, to the truth, rectifying us from our faults, correction of our immorality.
  4. Training in righteousnessdo not be fooled, we are in this daily. We require daily discipline, exercise, and teaching in what we are to do, who we are in CHRIST JESUS, and who our FATHER, our Savior/JESUS The CHRIST/and who the Holy Spirit is and does. We have to be broken and tamed from ourselves and the love that we have in this sinful world. The Holy Spirit is continuously being the perfect Gardner as He prunes away every dead thing that wants to cling to us. We are the children of the Most-High GOD and we must be educated and trained for glory. This is a process of our regular course. We are a continuous series of connectivity in succession in heaven.

We grieve the Holy Spirit when we say anything claiming that the LORD GOD is saying or telling this or that and it is lies. Peter, a disciple of JESUS, told JESUS that those things that JESUS shared with the disciples will not be permitted. But JESUS turned and spoke to the spirit that was behind Peter rebuking the spirit and what the spirit had said, not Peter. JESUS saw and recognized that those things which Peter was prompted to say were not from GOD but rather the desire of himself/man. 

The Holy Spirit of the LORD when He chooses to speak through mankind his/her tongue will have in their tongue HIS Word. The prophets of old informed the people [those then, now, and to come]that Salvation will come [has come] and we will [or have been] be saved from their [our] enemies. From the hand of all who hated them, and hates us now and those to come. 

Zachariah was a prophet and by the Holy Spirit confirmed what was said in the book of 2nd Samuel 23:2. This is what has been recorded:

“Blessed be the LORD, GOD of Israel because HE has visited us and has brought redemption to HIS people and HE has raised a horn of salvation [the symbol of strength] for us in the house of David HIS servant just as HE promised by the mouths of HIS holy prophets from the most ancient times”.

JESUS is our Salvation and HE has saved us from our enemies who are satan and his demons. From eternal death and the lake of fire.  To all who believe in HIM.

Dearly beloved the scriptures have been fulfilled,  are being fulfilled and will be fulfilled. GOD fulfilled what has been recorded for us regarding JESUS The CHRIST by the mouths of the prophets which is written in the Old Testament concerning HIS birth, ministry, suffering, death, and resurrection.

I love those prophets of old because they not only spoke that which the Holy Spirit gave to them to say but they also searched carefully and asked questions. If searching and asking questions were good enough for them, what makes us think that we can be exempt from studying the records and asking and conversating about what GOD has done and is doing. Remember, JESUS has already come, ministered, suffered, died, and resurrected. What is being fulfilled are the signs of the end of time. And what is to be fulfilled is the return of JESUS The CHRIST coming for everyone who belongs to HIM.

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