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November 9, 2020

The Way of Wisdom – Proverbs 9:1-6

I love what Wisdom does. Each time I read scripture the Holy Spirit will reveal something to me that I have never seen before. In this first verse, we are shown that Wisdom builds a house and furnishes it. It is here that the Holy Spirit has reminded me that CHRIST JESUS said “In MY house are many mansion” Jhn. 14:2. I know that what HE was referring to is that once we come into heaven after HE comes for us in the last days we will not just be wandering around in heaven eternally, that we actually have homes to live in and those homes will be completely furnished as we like.

But for now, while we are still living here on earth, the Holy Spirit has prepared a meal and invited people to come. Uh, Oh, wait a minute! Did this not happen in the New Testament as well, come on let us take a peek and see; read Mt. 22:1-4, 8-10.

Wisdom will come into the place where many people are and invite them to come to the house and dine; here is another familiar ring, let us take a look at Prov. 1:20. 

All of my short-lived life I have heard people asking legitimate questions yet, accepting confusing fleshly logic as the correct answers they are looking for. And, then again those same questions will come about because those answers that they once accepted does not satisfy their hunger and thirst. Let us face facts here, we are all in a state of confusion without CHRIST JESUS and without HIS Wisdom who guides us into all truth. We are confused about life, we do not have a clue as to what is going on. All we continually do is speculate.

This is why the way of Wisdom is wonderful, we like going out to eat, we like to enjoy the company of known friends and meeting new friends when we tag along with our friends on the invitation they have when invited to their friends home for comradery and dining. Wisdom is a wonderful host and has a beautiful home all deck out for our pleasure. Wisdom is an outstanding cook and has more than enough for everyone to eat and become satisfied. And, for those who like to drink wine well Wisdom has taken care of that as well because the wine that Wisdom offers is non-alcoholic yet we do become tipsy or even drunk in the spirit because the wine that Wisdom serves is New Wine which must be poured into new wineskins which we are. 

Accepting Wisdom’s invitation to come and dine will be a life-changing experience that we may not have been expecting. We come for dinner and drinks because our lives are confusing and impoverished, poor in spirit, idle, exhausted due to being weary. But once we make the choice to accept Wisdom’s invitation and we do come in, we sit at the table and begin to eat the food that looks so very delectable we are unaware that what we are seeing in the natural is the spiritual food which will cause us to leave behind being confused and impoverished.

In the Old Testament, we can see that the Holy Spirit has always been at work in the lives of those who GOD had chosen. But today now is the time for us to listen to the invitation of the promised Holy Spirit because, in the last days which we are at the beginning of the birth pangs, we are in the Braxton Hick of labor, you women who have given birth know what I am writing about. On the last day, there will be provided a great feast and CHRIST JESUS is standing crying out, screaming, yelling so that everyone will hear. Are you thirsty, then come and drink CHRIST JESUS. Yes, HE can be the drink especially to those who are addicted to strong drink which will take complete care of your craving for old wine, beer, and strong alcohol. To those who are dehydrated come and drink this everlasting water which comes from the fountain and that fountain is JESUS. There is nothing better tasting than an ice-cold glass of water when we are dehydrated because it is refreshing. Well JESUS is much better than that and when we drink from HIM we will never experience dehydration ever again or drunkenness, as we experience from spirits which are demonically influential when we consume alcohol to drink, but now we will drink from the Holy Spirit, Is. 55:1.

The Holy Spirit in His Wise way will tell us about JESUS the CHRIST and we must make the choice to believe that JESUS is who HE is, Deut. 18:15. JESUS is a well of salvation, Is.12:3. The LORD JESUS is a provider of water in the dry places so the people HE has chosen will drink from HIM, Is. 43:20. So, who are HIS chosen? The ones who believe in HIM. Ah, glory to GOD in the highest because we cannot ever again experience being thirsty, JESUS pours HIS water out into anyone thirsty. Without HIM our ground is dry, the water represents the Holy Spirit and JESUS will pour out HIS promised Holy Spirit not only on us but our descendants as well those who we have prayed for that are here with us now and those who will come after we have fallen asleep in CHRIST JESUS. All because we have taken a stand and chosen by faith that “As for me and my house, we will serve the LORD”.  That excerpt of scripture right there is a declaration to everyone who will choose JESUS in our family clan near or far, known and unknown by us. JESUS is blessing us continually. 

John 6:35 confirms to us that anyone which means any person at all who believes that CHRIST JESUS is the Savior will never be hungry, why because Wisdom has prepared a meal for us to eat and what we eat on is JESUS because HE is the bread of our life. Also, we will never be thirsty because Wisdom has provided us with new wine which is being poured into our new wineskins so we can be assured that the wine will not cause us to burst. So, what is that new wine? That new wine is the Holy Spirit which comes from the FATHER by way of CHRIST JESUS.  This causes us to be sustained spiritually. 

So, let me wrap this up; to anyone thirsty, JESUS will provide and give to the thirsty living water from the fountain of life and it will not cost us anything. Remember, the way of Wisdom that a house has been established, a meal is prepared, an invitation went out to the public, and those who chose to come came. So now, what we must do we must invite others to come, share your experience with others, stop keeping it to yourselves come out of the closet. Heck, all the sinners are coming out of the closet why not the Bride of CHRIST. Share with the hungry and the thirsty so that they too may come and eat and drink. Be sure to let them know that there are no strings attached, there is no fee, hidden or otherwise. Then allow the Holy Spirit to use you to share the Gospel of CHRIST JESUS, He may use your voice or he may use you as an example in your lifestyle to live for HIM which will cause people to take notice and ask why you are the way you are or say that they notice you and this will be your opportunity to allow the Spirit of the Living GOD to speak through you so that they will know why you are the way you are. 

FATHER GOD show us YOUR Glory.

AMFBeM (™)

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