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November 10, 2020

True Humility is Wisdom – Proverbs 11:12

Just who do you think that you are that you have pleasure in belittling and bullying others? What good comes out of your speaking negatively about others?

This is scriptural this is not me but I am in full agreement, people who participate in these activities lack good sense. What you need to do is keep quiet if you have nothing good to speak about. 

Our neighbor is not just the one who lives next door, across the street, in the same address block as where we reside, or in our community and neighborhood. No, our neighbor is every person from every nation on this great planet. 

It is so very easy to locate those who are void of understanding. Listen to what is coming out of their mouth. Speaking reveals that we are either ignorant or intelligent. It is simple as that, nothing for us to wonder about because we hear the conversations that come from others but most of all we need to listen to the conversation out of our own mouths.

What is the character and integrity of humility? Freedom from arrogance and pride, being modest, being submissive to all authority, and to people in the sense of viewing them to be better than we are, Rom. 12:23, 1 Ptr. 2:13. We are to treat our brothers and sister in CHRIST JESUS as well as sinners the same. Our conduct may convince a sinner to come to JESUS or repel them from HIM.

This is a disease and result of sin, we should be busy working to better ourselves instead of being concerned about the business of others. Learn to mind your own business and keep your thoughts to yourself, stop sharing your negative report directly or indirectly if they are harmful. You are only guilty of this because you are idle, you cannot or do not have enough for you to do that will keep you busy. Busy people do not have time to know what is going on in the lives of others. Whether you take yourself into the houses of others in person or virtually or even if you write nasty notes so that your target will read them especially among the children who are not able to handle this type of pressure and this ends with them killing themselves just to cause this abusive behavior to stop. Belittling (bad-mouthing), bullying (noisy, overbearing, insolent, menace, insulting, provoking quarrels), and gossiping (talk too much, tattling, telling tales, idle chatter).

This is the remedy, the LORD GOD is good and righteous, HE will teach us by way of HIS Wisdom how to be humble through HIS guidance. Be submissive to one another which is being obedient (as they follow CHRIST JESUS), also be obedient to the law of the land and all authority, be clothed in humility. The LORD GOD will exalt all those who are humble and provides them with HIS is grace. 

Ask the FATHER to deliver you from being arrogant and prideful which has resulted in belittling, bullying, and gossiping but do not leave it there because you need the FATHER to fill that area where this demonic activity was in control. So what should we ask the FATHER to fill that space up with? The fruit of the Holy Spirit. The fruit is – faithfulness, gentleness, goodness, joy, kindness, love, patience, peace, and self-control. One Spirit nine attributes.

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