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A cloud is explained simply as a collection of vapor. They are suspended in the heavens and are quite beautiful especially when we are passengers on an aircraft and we get to behold their beauty. However, when clouds descend to the earth we call them fog and depending on their density can be rather dangerous due to the invisibility to know what is ahead. Another name for fog when it’s too thick for visibility is pea soup. Clouds, when manmade, is due to some activity that we are taking apart of like stirring up dust when cleaning; clouds ascend from smokestacks or chimneys and from our exhaust pipes on our automobiles. Most often manmade clouds are harmful due to its pollutants especially when the cloud is dark in color. When the heavenly clouds become dark in color it’s a sign that rain is coming or happening nearby. Clouds are very light and fluffy, yet, in scriptures, we see how JESUS CHRIST utilized HIS creation. In Exodus, we see HIM in the cloud by day leading the Israelites to the land in which HE promised to them. In the gospels, we see how our FATHER spoke about who JESUS CHRIST is to HIM and to us. Again, in the clouds, we will see that the clouds will become a mode of transport for CHRIST JESUS. And lastly, we will notice that all those who will accompany CHRIST JESUS on HIS return to reap HIS harvest will be called clouds.

I’m sure that when most people hear or recall to memory about when GOD spoke from the cloud when HE proclaims that JESUS is HIS beloved SON and that we are to hear and listen to HIM. We often times turn to the gospels but in truth in Psalms 2:7 the FATHER proclaimed who JESUS is. King David declared the decree which had been revealed to him that JESUS was told by the FATHER that HE is HIS SON, I have begotten YOU. Many people don’t realize what the word begotten defines when it comes to being used regarding JESUS but simply put every human has been begotten because only a male or man can beget/procreate, generate a likeness of himself. However, this does not mean that prior to JESUS becoming in the likeness of man that HE was ever birthed in heaven. CHRIST JESUS is the beginning, HE is the One who creates and speaks all things into existence that HE desires to have. When JESUS CHRIST had taken three of HIS disciples up on a high mountain the transfiguration took place and Elijah and Moses were seen and they were speaking to JESUS CHRIST. Peter made a mistake that we today are still making, he placed JESUS CHRIST on the same human level as the Prophets of old. We will take the charisma of a leader in our local assembly and adhere to his words rather than the words from CHRIST JESUS. This is often how cults begin. Now a cloud composed of light hovered as a shelter over them, noticed because Peter wanted to build shelters for JESUS CHRIST, Elijah, and Moses how GOD provided HIS own shelter for them. Within that cloud came the voice of GOD who set the record straight in the hearing of those that were present. JESUS is the beloved SON of the FATHER and HE has always been and always will be delighted in HIM and we are to hear and listen to HIM. If we hear and listen to CHRIST JESUS through HIS Word, the Holy Spirit and when HE actually speaks into our spirit we will not be in the trouble we so often find ourselves in. In Hebrews 1:5 we can find this question. Which angel did the Almighty GOD ever say that HE is their Father or that HE will be their Father and they will be HIS sons? If you can find the answer to that question that states that HE is, by all means, write to me and give to me the scripture chapter and verse. Yet, there are those who worship angels. Angels have not been established in the official Sonship relationship with kingly dignity as the CHRIST. So, why worship any creation that is supposed to worship the FATHER and the CHRIST? The FATHER has been and always will be a FATHER to CHRIST JESUS and CHRIST JESUS has been and always will be a SON. Hebrew 3:5-6 notice the difference in the offices between Moses and CHRIST JESUS. Moses administered well over the house of GOD as a servant whereas CHRIST JESUS administered well over the house of GOD as the SON and the Master of it. Never will a servant/slave have the same authority as one who is an heir by blood or DNA unless otherwise written by the former master. Before CHRIST JESUS make HIS triumphal return to earth we will witness various signs and those who belong and are heirs to the promises of GOD must be watchful with joy daily because some of the signs have already manifested themselves. But unlike those who do not belong and who are not heirs of the promises of GOD we are not to suppose those things that we see and hear because often times what is seen and heard are not the signs that we are to take notice of. The final sign will be the signal that CHRIST JESUS is making HIS entry and that everyone will see HIM. For some, it will be a time of continual rejoicing and for some, it will be devastation. CHRIST JESUS will return and when HE does HE will be transported by the clouds of heaven and HE will have in HIM and with HIM brilliancy and splendor of power and great glory. When JESUS CHRIST did speak at HIS un-justified trial HE stated to the high priest that in their future and come to think of it some of ours those who are just and those who are unjust, will see CHRIST JESUS sitting at the right hand of the FATHER (the Almighty GOD) and the just and the unjust will see CHRIST JESUS arriving on those fluffy weightless clouds in the sky. In essence, those who have died and those who yet remain will all witness this.

As CHRIST JESUS who rose from the grave and was seen by over five hundred witnesses was speaking to HIS disciples. HE began to ascend into a cloud which carried HIM into heaven to take HIS rightful place at the right hand of the FATHER.

Everyone has heard how the cloud pillar went before the Israelites by day and the fire pillar went before the Israelites by night. But what I have noticed most when tiny tots are being read those cute little bible stories or when people read about the Exodus. The Red Sea is what we focus on the most not realizing that the Israelites were not only being led by the pillar by day in the form of a cloud but they were under the protection of the cloud. How was that possible? First, we must understand that in the OT what we often read are foreshadows of JESUS and we will only be given the revelation through the Holy Spirit to actually see HIM. Moses knew that the cloud and fire pillars were actually CHRIST JESUS leading them.

Hallelujah! Those who are righteous in the LORD should be shouting praise because we are aware that we, those who are asleep in CHRIST and those who are still living above the ground. We will join CHRIST JESUS in the air when HE descends from heaven on a cloud with the awesome loud announcement and summons from the archangel and the blast of the shofar of GOD. Forever and ever (eternity) we will remain in the presence of our LORD and Savior our GOD!

Beloved siblings are encouraged because we are not alone in this walk. We have a cloud of witnesses those who have gone before us that were believers before JESUS CHRIST was birthed by mankind so that HE would be clothed in mankind. Thank you and bless you, Mary. No, I do not worship Mary the mother of JESUS but I will give her the respect and honor she is given for her obedience and faith when she was told that she was with child and that her child is the Savior of the world. All of this is scriptural. Those that are a cloud of witnesses are those who died in their faith in CHRIST JESUS and were released by CHRIST JESUS from the bosom of Abraham which to this very day remains empty in hell. These are the ones who stood at the opening of their graves and waited for CHRIST JESUS to be resurrected and step out. These are the ones who bare testimony to the Truth.

Daniel like John had a dream and vision that he wrote down that which he saw in his head. On the clouds of heaven came someone like the Son of Man, HE came to the ANCIENT of Days and was led into HIS presence. John, on the other hand, is giving first account witnessing because though he was having a vision he wrote as though he was actually in the Kingdom of heaven. And with what he shared with those who will believe he vouched and testified for all that he was witness too which is the Word of GOD and the testimony of CHRIST JESUS. Look CHRIST JESUS is coming with the clouds and every eye will be a witness to this even those who pierced HIS flesh. Everyone will see HIM those who believe and those who chose or choose not to. Those who chose not to believe in HIM will be overcome with depression and cry but it will be too late for them. Even so, this is what will be. In the vision of John, I don’t know if how we read what his account was is actually what he said or if what we read is cleverly disguised. However, those who have the eyes to see do so. This Mighty Angel aka the Angel of LORD aka CHRIST JESUS –

  1. Robed in a cloud = HIS glory and dispensation are veiled because they are too great for mortals.
  2. Rainbow upon/up on HIS head = always mindful of HIS covenant between HIMself and Noah.
  3. Face like the sun and legs like columns of fire = face, bright and full of luster and majesty. Legs and feet, all HIS ways are both of grace and providence; pure and steady. 

I believe the two witnesses spoken of in Revelation are Elijah and Moses. They were the ones who appeared on the mountain and spoke with JESUS CHRIST and the witnesses were James, John and Peter. If not then they are Elijah and Joshua. These two witnesses are the anointed ones; sons of fresh oil Joshua, Zech. 3:1-7 and Elijah, 1 Ki.17:1 and 2 Ki. 2:11.

CHRIST JESUS will be sitting on a white cloud and sitting on HIS head will be HIS crown and in HIS hand will be a sickle (a reaping hook, see picture) which HE will use to reap HIS ripe harvest on the earth. Will you be ready to be harvested? 220px-Sickle_and_scythe

Matthew 17:5, 24:30, 26:64; Acts 1:9; 1 Corinthians 10:1; 1 Thessalonians 4:17; Hebrews 12:1; Revelation 1;7, 10:1, 11:12, 14:14-16


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