In the beginning, as children, we have loads of questions and we begin with “why”. It’s cute to the average adult for awhile then it becomes nerve-racking. But why is that? We want our children to thirst for knowledge, yet, we are never patient enough to teach. Thankfully, GOD is not this way. It is HIS desire that we come to HIM and ask HIM all the why’s that we have. It’s better that we obtain our information directly from HIM rather than through people because people are prone to answer with their perception of knowledge rather than in the complete truth of CHRIST JESUS. So, why is it that two plus two is only four, who said that it can’t be eight? GOD is the GOD of the impossible and if HE tells us that two plus two is eight than it is so, and we will see the result of HIS answer because GOD is not a man that HE will lie to us. GOD will explain in a four-k definition (just learned about 4-k definition from my son-in-law) just why the sky is blue if we would only ask HIM, after all, HE is the creator of the sky. So, we may know that to ask is to question and expect an answer but let’s go deeper, actually, let’s explore each letter of the word A.S.K.

  • Ask – interrogate, inquire, petition, request, and expect oral or written words of reply.
  • Seek – aim, ask, discover, go in search of, inquire, look for, solicit.
  • Knock – beat, clash, collide, drive, strike; all with the use of something such as a bat, clacker, club. For example, hammering, hitting, constant blows.

So, now that we’ve explored what each letter in the word A.S.K. represent let’s see if we will from this day forward understand the scriptures below.

Once we ask the of the FATHER, we are to expect an answer, so never cease from asking until we can hear or see the reply. JESUS said that if we will ask, it will be given to us. And no, HE will never provide us with anything that is harmful to our spirit, soul, and flesh so don’t ask. The desires of our heart are not always pure. Asking for substances to feed an addiction will never be given to us from the LORD JESUS and asking for the spouse of another will never be given to us from HIM either. Just two examples I could think of. While we are waiting to hear the reply from the FATHER we should search for the answer in the Bible. Whatever we need to locate we will find because for every question there is the answer, this too is how we are able to hear HIS voice. Have any of you ever had anyone to relentlessly ask for something until we gave in? Bet, you never thought of it as beating, clubbing or hammering at you. We give in just to stop hearing the person continually drive that question at us repeatedly. For example: how many of us have given into our children just to get them away from us and give us rest? Great example huh?

Here is another great example of using the authority we’ve been given. At our place of employment, we may not have the authority to make a specific request. However, if we are sent by the one who does have authority and say that so and so is asking for this or that, it will be given to us or we will be given a reason as to why it’s unavailable and then we return with what or who has been sent for or the reason why we were not able to obtain what was expected. It’s the same when we go to the FATHER with a request, we are to ask of HIM but in order to receive what HE has promised to give to us, we must request it in the name of HIS SON JESUS. But remember regardless of our going to the FATHER and using HIS precious SON’s name if it is something that we are not to possess because it has not been promised to us in HIS Word, then it’s not for us and not from HIM. However, everything promised to us from the FATHER will be given to us when we ask using the authority of the name of JESUS. Some of us are still making the mistake of asking for something that is promised to us and that we have located the answer to, but we are asking inappropriately. We are asking JESUS instead of asking the FATHER or maybe we are asking for something that we were told that we should be doing and there is no need to ask.

So, now that we have a better understanding of how to A.S.K. make today the day that we will ask without ceasing until the manifestation arrives.

Luke 11:9; John 14:14, 16:23


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