How many of you know or really know that you are a blessing? For many of you, hmm, maybe not so much. This blog is really aimed at my spiritual siblings as a reminder as to who you are in CHRIST JESUS. And for those of you who are still non-believers in CHRIST JESUS, maybe today will be your day to repent/change your mind about your belief in HIM and turn your life over to HIM to wash you clean in HIS blood and transform you from being a curse into being a blessing.

The LORD GOD through HIS SON, CHRIST JESUS has made each and every one of HIS children through the salvation of HIS SON to us a blessing. Because we are a blessing we experience happiness to express the praise to our FATHER, CHRIST JESUS, and the Holy Spirit. CHRIST JESUS is constantly praying for us and in the many prayers that HE is praying for us, HE includes prayers that will implore our happiness. HIS desires for us is to get and remain happy not by temporal means but rather in HIS joy. Not only is HE a gift to us but we are HIS gift also to the FATHER. And who is not happy when they receive a gift? We are the advantaged ones who have the ability to not only a temporary prosperity but an eternal one as well. We have the assurance regarding our immortal great happiness, our blessedness, our blissfulness which are the joys of heaven. Our prosperity is receiving a blessing so that we can be a blessing with the enjoyment of good. We know that we are complete in CHRIST JESUS and this is why we are a blessing. It is with great kindness that JESUS CHRIST provided for our welfare by HIS hanging on that cross and died to be our giver of HIS great gift to all humans as a means to increase our happiness.

CHRIST JESUS has made us a blessing all around HIS holy mountain Zion and we are showered with never-ending blessings. All of us are a great nation and we are becoming greater all because HE is the One who is blessing us. Know my dear siblings that we are a blessing in the land which means everywhere we are, we are a blessing. We are the blood washed saved in CHRIST JESUS and we are a blessing to no longer live our life in anxiety, dread, fear, and worry for our hands are strong because we have obtained the same blessing that Judah and Israel received. The LORD GOD provides the plentiful rain of blessings on us to confirm and restore our heritage in HIM.

Whatever blessings father Abraham received and was promised this is what we too have and receive because we are his descendants. Through CHRIST JESUS we have and do receive the promise of HIS Holy Spirit by faith. In CHRIST JESUS we are no longer separated as being either Jewish or Gentile; slave or free; male or female. In the FATHER’s eyes, we are all one in HIS beloved SON, CHRIST JESUS. And just as father Abraham was justified/righteous by his faith so should we be. He did not try to perform any type of works to experience the righteousness of GOD. After all, when we work we expect payment for the work performed. Working is not considered a gift; the payment that we receive is what we have earned. All father Abraham did was believed, trusted, and had faith in the LORD GOD and that is why the LORD GOD accepted him to be justified which is a blessing. When we depend on our faith in CHRIST JESUS rather than self-works; when we believe in the LORD GOD who declares the guilty sinner to be the righteous innocent. It is then that we allow our faith to be in-charge which the LORD GOD will take into account which puts us right with HIM. Cease believing that we must volunteer for every good work or join some type of church ministry to be considered justified/righteous/worthy to show that our faith in JESUS is accounted for. It is our faith in HIM that we are a blessing, not our works. In the Old Covenant/Testament men had to be circumcised/an act of work; to experience the blessing of GOD. Today, males no longer need to be circumcised, (and the men said, Amen). Though this is the covenant that GOD gave to Abraham, Abraham was righteous in the eyes of GOD before he was told to circumcise himself and all the males. Remember, father Abraham only believed the LORD GOD by faith and the LORD GOD accepted father Abraham for his righteous blessing. Our faith in CHRIST JESUS is the free gift of promise that we were guaranteed to have as a descendant of father Abraham. Everyone is not a descendant of Abraham for we become his descendant only when we have faith in CHRIST JESUS. WoW, I’m just seeing this for the first time in this order. To get to the LORD GOD the FATHER we must first come to the LORD CHRIST JESUS, who transforms us to be Abraham’s seed because he is the father of faith. This is something that I’ve always known, yet, this is the first time I saw with my spiritual eyes the order. Did you know that the Law of Moses did not exist during Abraham’s time? The Law of Moses came about centuries later. So you see, Abraham was not justified because he obeyed the Law of Moses, he was justified by pure faith in the LORD GOD. So my question to you is, why do we come to CHRIST JESUS not knowing or for that matter trying to obey the Law of Moses after we received the free gift of salvation through CHRIST JESUS? It does not make sense, can’t you see that in the Law of Moses we must do this and that to be in GOD’s favor, to receive HIS blessing? It is because of our faith in CHRIST JESUS that father Abraham becomes our spiritual father. The LORD GOD introduced HIS SON and HE supported HIM in HIS strength because JESUS is HIS chosen One and HIS FATHER takes pleasure in HIM. HIS Holy Spirit was on JESUS to bring justice, righteousness and to reveal HIS Truth to all the nations. In CHRIST JESUS we must ask for HIS promised Holy Spirit so that we will have the strength to live in the justice of our righteousness which is revealed in HIS Truth all across the nations. Know this blessing my beloved siblings, the LORD GOD said to JESUS that it was a small thing for HIM to be HIS Servant, yet, in HIS servitude JESUS will be given a greater task and that was to restore not only Israel to greatness but to cause JESUS to be the light to all the nations so that every human may be saved through HIM. What a blessing! We have the light in CHRIST JESUS to reveal to the believers the will of GOD our FATHER. The Jewish nation can no longer say that GOD is not for the non-Jewish nation any longer because of their rejection and disobedience. However, GOD threw out a safety net not only for the Jewish nation but for the non-Jewish nation as well. The FATHER justifies all who has faith in HIS SON, CHRIST JESUS. HE once justified those who in the flesh act of works in circumcision to show faith in HIM. Now, HE justifies all through faith in HIS SON, CHRIST JESUS without being circumcised in the flesh. What a blessing! The LORD JESUS sent and gave to us HIS Holy Spirit so that we will no longer be a wasteland but will become fertile to produce rich crops. Meaning we will give our testimony and the blood of the Lamb will do the rest. This is how we win souls. Tell your story about what CHRIST JESUS has done for you, how you once were a non-believer. And, in how after you became a blessing it is your desire to have others become a blessing through CHRIST JESUS.

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