There are two distinct definitions which describe how mankind conceives. The first is to have a fetus formed in the womb; we breed [feminine]; a woman becomes pregnant. The other is to form in our mind a thought; to imagine and devise. Our thoughts are our opinion, we have ideas that we imagine. As we form and ponder that idea of thought in our mind we begin to understand and comprehend. And just because we think to have the understanding of that idea does not make it altogether correct or absolutely incorrect.

Adam and Eve were the first to conceive because we are shown that after they were put away from the Garden of Eden that Adam began to know [have sexual intercourse] his wife. In Genesis 4:1 the noun used “now” informs us that it was not in the Garden Adam knew his wife but in the present where they made their home after the eviction from the garden. We also know that this was not taking place in the Garden because Eve bore Cain and then Abel.  The curse that Adam handed down through his blood because our blood comes from the father and never the mother is the sin of rebellion and it was present in his first-born son Cain who murdered his brother Abel. To this day sibling rivalry is alive and well, all siblings may not murder their sibs but it’s not strange that it’s done. Eve conceived her children but her first-born son conceived anger, jealousy, and murder in his heart.

Look all of we mankind is wicked and we are conceived in iniquity and pregnant with mischief and give birth to lies from the heart. We are brought forth in a state of iniquity; our mother Eve was sinful and from her all of our mothers who conceived us and so too are we. What is born from the flesh is flesh meaning physical; of our own effort. Sin came into the world through one man, Adam, and death as the result of sin, so death spreads to all mankind, it’s an infection and no one being able to stop it or to escape its power because all mankind is sinners. If we are not washed in the blood of CHRIST JESUS then we are conducting ourselves in the passions of our flesh our behavior is governed by our corrupt and sensual nature, we obey the impulses of the flesh and the thoughts of the mind. Our cravings dictate our senses and our dark imaginations, we are by nature children of GOD’s anger and heirs of HIS indignation. This is only before we decide to believe in HIM. Only CHRIST JESUS can provide us our way of escape. JESUS, HIMself gave us all a sign, the young woman named Mary who at the time was a virgin, meaning she never knew [had sexual intercourse] a man. Gave birth to a Son and HIS name is IMMANU-EL [with us is-GOD]. Also in HIS name we will come to know HIM as Wonderful Counselor, Mighty GOD, Everlasting FATHER [of Eternity], the Prince of Peace, Faithfulness and Truth, behold [look at, look towards] your GOD, the LORD GOD with might in HIS arm, HIS reward is with HIM, HIS recompense is before HIM, HE will feed HIS flock, HE will gather HIS lambs up into HIS arms, HE will carry HIS lambs in HIS bosom, our peace, possessor of all authority in heaven and earth, CHRIST the MESSIAH, the LORD.

It is glorious when we conceive the Word of, from or out of the Holy Spirit. No, there will never be another pregnancy like the blessed Mary who birthed the CHRIST but we can be pregnant with the Word of GOD because the Holy Spirit will speak only on CHRIST JESUS. Our conceiving the Word into our spirit and our listening to the Holy Spirit illuminates the fact that CHRIST JESUS is great, that HE is the SON of the Most High that the LORD GOD has given to CHRIST JESUS the throne of King David, CHRIST JESUS is the ONE who reigns over the house of Jacob and CHRIST JESUS reign has no end. Men and women, dear lambs conceive the Holy Spirit within our spirit, ask that He come and baptize you in the fullness of His power. With GOD all things are possible and we will never be too old to conceive HIS Word and Holy Spirit.

Caution, we must desire to be led by the Holy Spirit because when we are not though we have decided to believe in CHRIST JESUS and our heart is changed because HE lives within us. Without the development of character and integrity to be more like CHRIST JESUS we will be known as carnal Christians who are still being led by the flesh. The thoughts that we conceive to manipulate our brothers and sisters in the LORD is out of religion and tradition. This is found more in the lack of understanding regarding tithes and offerings. Most people don’t mind giving an offering but the lack of understanding regarding the tithe is evident in our hearts. This is because we are not taught the full truth about our tithes. We have been taught the anger and disappointment of what the Priest had done with the tithe and self-righteousness, we must learn to read the context and not just a portion of the scripture. Read Nehemiah13:4-13 and Malachi 1:1-4:6. Are we to continue to give the tithe? Yes, but not out of religious and lawful duty but out of faith in the grace of GOD our Savior. We are to never be conceived by our giving the tithe as a burden, in the New Testament we are taught to give because we desire to give. Whatever we possess belongs to us until we have purposed in our hearts to give it away without evil manipulations and motives.

Remember, we conceive in our hearts to either choose to do well in the sight of our FATHER and our Savior, CHRIST JESUS or we choose to do evil which will inevitably give birth to sin and sin will always bring forward death. So conceive as Sarah never as Hagar.

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