Move forward; advance near; approach; future to come.

Don’t be fooled by what others are saying, JESUS has spoken and those who have ears to hear have heard and known this to be true. JESUS is coming back and HE’s coming in HIS Kingdom. Many people have claimed to be HIM and there will be many more. These people have deceived thousands and will continue to lead people away from the truth. We’ve all seen lightning and how it flashes the Son of Man, JESUS will be coming in like fashion. CHRIST JESUS will appear in the sky and there will be mourning because of many who chose not to believe. Everyone will see CHRIST JESUS coming on the clouds of heaven and HE will be coming with power and great glory. Many people have come into the lives of many and shared the Good News; there are many televangelists, radio and social media ministries that actually share the Gospel of CHRIST JESUS rather than trying to harvest your money for their glory. When we choose not to listen and repent from sin and turn to true life and the light in CHRIST JESUS then those that have done this should not be surprised when CHRIST JESUS return because when HE returns it will be too late for you just as it was for those who refused to listen and made fun of Noah. But you my beloved siblings in CHRIST JESUS, you be ever watching for all and the completion of the signs that JESUS shared with HIS disciples. Because in this completion no one will know what hour has been set for HIS coming, we are to just be ready. The day is coming when all non-believers and believers will see CHRIST JESUS sitting at the right hand of HIS FATHER, our FATHER, and our Almighty GOD. And, again I write that all will see CHRIST JESUS coming on the clouds of the sky. When I write all I mean just that, those who are dead in the past and those who are living in the present. And all those who have gone to sleep in CHRIST JESUS will be resurrected up from their sleep and we will enter the holy city just as it was done after CHRIST JESUS resurrected.

Many believe that what they hear are cleverly disguised stories or that which they heard was back in the Bible days as we like to call it. And I get it, many have used scripture to deceive but it is not my intention to deceive anyone about who CHRIST JESUS is and who we either are or can be in HIM only. I have a heart’s desire to see every one of GOD’s created being in the form of mankind/male and female to return back to the FATHER through CHRIST JESUS our Savior. To be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth. And though from the time CHRIST JESUS ascended back into heaven to be seated at the right hand of the Almighty GOD the children of GOD have been eagerly awaiting the coming again of CHRIST JESUS in all sovereignty of HIS authority and power, all majesty, and all grandeur.

Matthew 16:28; 24:5, 27, 30, 39, 42, 44; 26:64; 27:53; 2 Peter 1:16


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