Bravery; that quality of mind which enables mankind to encounter danger and difficulties with firmness, without fear, without depression of spirits, to have valor, boldness, and resolution. It is a constituent part of fortitude, but fortitude implies patience to bear continued suffering.

Fearlessness; bravery in danger, undaunted courage, and boldness.

I believe this is missing in my CHRISTian brothers and sisters of faith in CHRIST JESUS. It has been my experience from the many ministries I’ve visited in my current lifetime that instead of the junk that we hear that is mixed with the preaching and teaching of the Good News in CHRIST JESUS that is given each week in our local assemblies of worship. The junk should be replaced with encouraging those ears that is directed at the speaking that is going on that we must be courageous. It is documented that we are to be strong and courageous ten times, to have good courage fifteen times, not to fear six times and not to be dismayed one time which is to be dishearten and deprived of courage. Why are we so afraid to be bold in the things of our GOD? Especially those who in their former life was a bold, loud, hellion which is to be rowdy, mischievous, and a troublemaking person. The person who by nature is shy and quiet as myself until I’m around family or those that I feel comfortable with. Have no excuse either because we need to stop believing that we must speak or do the work that is required in our natural effort. We need to stop depending on our own ability and rely on the ability of CHRIST JESUS. Remind yourself and ask the question, is anything to difficult for GOD? I’m often amazed at how the LORD will anoint me to speak before many people. When speaking to and being around three people is a crowd to me and above three is a mob. Just as I am amazed at how I will stand strong in the LORD and the power of HIS might when I stand toe to toe with an individual who has demons taking charge of a life. I’m not afraid to speak the truth of CHRIST JESUS to anyone because it’s not me who is doing the work of speaking or going. It’s the guidance of the Holy Spirit who leads me. When being led by the LORD to face difficult decisions or to approach anyone we are to be strong and courageous, we are to take a hold of good courage and not fear or be dismayed.

Be strong, be bold, be courageous, be firm,  don’t be afraid or frightened of whatever we have to face, whatever it is, remember that the LORD our GOD is going with us. HE will neither fail us or abandon us. And in the knowledge that JESUS is going not only with us but HE is waiting to meet us where HE sends us. CHRIST JESUS does not tell us to deal with a situation and then leave us to deal with anything or anyone negative that we must face. HE’s not going to fail us.

Haven’t the LORD ordered us to be bold, courageous, strong and vigorous? So, why are we so chicken-hearted when it comes to being what we have been instructed to be? We are not to be afraid or downhearted, because the LORD our GOD is with us wherever we go. The five-fold ministry should often tell the people not to be afraid or confused but that we are to be bold, courageous and strong in their life. But how can the five-fold ministry instill this in the people when most of us are scared but will not admit it. I have a memory of a time a few decades ago when I asked my then pastor to go with me to a crack house to bring my brother out. My then pastor was a very tall, dark complexion and muscular man. Yet, I saw the fear that came over him and he never did assist me. When I went home I found out that my grandmother had gone up in that place and retrieved my brother from that house. My grandmother walked in the boldness of GOD and when I listened to her testimony of how those drug dealers parted ways to clear a path for her to enter I shook my head in amazement. She did not allow her age or the fact that she was a woman to deter her from doing what the LORD our GOD had instructed her to do. I so miss her but I will see her again.

Be bold, be courageous, be strong and just do it! Whatever HE asks us to do or say. Stop being afraid or discouraged! CHRIST JESUS our LORD and GOD are with us. HE will not abandon us or fail us, please get this into your spirit.

If we just place our hope in the LORD CHRIST JESUS, and be bold, courageous and strong, and let our heart take courage! If we will only place our hope in HIM and not ourselves! We must learn to wait because we don’t like to wait. I know I don’t when I ask the FATHER for something and it seems to me that it’s taking too long to get what I’m asking for from HIM. I’m just being honest because I have challenges also. We are told to be in expectation from HIM but after a while, we begin to give up and take matters into our own hands, I know that I’m guilty of this. We fulfill our own hope for our desire and most times after we get what we asked for because of our own efforts we don’t appreciate or enjoy what we have done or received for long. We begin to set our sights on something else because we are no longer excited about what we’ve done, where we’ve gone or what we possess. Let us love the LORD JESUS and be faithful because HE is preserving those who are loyal to HIM. In our heart, we must take courage and be strong in HIM. Be hopeful and continue to expect from the FATHER through JESUS. This is a lesson for me as well.

So, my beloved be bold, be of good courage and be strong in the power of CHRIST JESUS. Remind yourselves as well as our CHRISTian siblings.

Deuteronomy 31:6; Joshua 1:9, 10:25; 1 Chronicles 28:20; Psalm 27:14; 31:24; Isaiah 41:6


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