Remain In JESUS

John 15:7

Previously, I published a blog entitled “Pain”. I know that many people all over the world suffer from some sort of pain. Be it emotionally of the mind [mental], and or physical.

I, myself suffer from physical pain and it is torture. If you have not read the blog “Pain” I encourage you to read that because, in that blog, I shared with you the knowledge of what pain is and the effects it has on us.

I set a challenge for myself to stay focused on Matthew 4:23 until I received my breakthrough. What is happening in my physical body is beyond the help of myself and my doctors. I know that to experience that which I desire and have the faith to know that no other person will be able to bring the answer and relief that I desperately desire other than JESUS.

Now, I wrote all of that to come to this point. In the above scripture, JESUS is speaking. Look not only in your favorite translation of your Bible but look also in the following translations and notice what is being magnified to us. I will share with you the translations that bring what JESUS is saying home to us.

In the CJB, CSB, and the NKJV, the above verses show clearly that what JESUS is saying is conditional. When we are faced with conditions there is something that we must do to get what we want.

To my beloved siblings of the faith, I am writing this blog to you especially, because there are far too many of us who are afflicted with some sort of pain, and we must show the world that JESUS has set us free from the curses of this world.

Other translations that I like are CEV and ETR. These also read with conditions that we are to follow through with. Make the above scripture a part of the challenge that you hopefully will partake with me.

Take the time to read the blog “Pain”. Focus on the translation or translations of Matthew 4:23 that I provided to you. Inform yourselves of the definitions provided to you taking notice that you are being tortured by evil. Not only you but for me as well. As children of the living GOD evil has no business being attached to us. And now that we have our fighting scriptures to meditate on throughout our day and will pray that scripture, as well as open with our mouths, agree that what we are feeding on is true. JESUS is Healing. JESUS is delivering you as well as myself from pain.

You will stop being tormented by evil, you will rise from that wheelchair and walk, you will get up out of that bed, walk, bath, and eat, then you will live your life never to return to the bed of sickness again. You will come off those crutches, canes, and walkers as I too will do so.

Let us come together in faith, in one mind and live freely in JESUS, remaining in HIM and HIS Words, staying joined to HIM, then we can pray to ask JESUS to take away every sort of pain that we have been living with. JESUS will answer our request, JESUS will give us what we desire.


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