Series Pt. 1 The Label of Doubt

What label have you placed on yourself or living with because others have labeled you?

Matthew 14:28-31

Every human has a label attached to them for some reason, some labels can be good, but most labels are of bondage and shame.

  • Label [affixed to someone or something for description or identification. Labels are adhesive, branded, marker, tagged, or titled. Labels denote a content of something or characterization of someone].

Think of the labels that people have placed on you and the labels you have placed onto yourselves. Are any of the labels that are stuck, branded, marked, tagged, or titled onto you good or bad? Are you what the labels claim you are? If you are a believer of CHRIST JESUS this is for you and if you are not, you will want to become a believer in your heart so that you may experience this verse of scripture. Because the Son makes you free, then you will be free. Even your name is free, absolutely, and completely. No person can keep us in bondage unless we are unaware that we have been set free from negative sinful earthly bondages.

  • Doubts [wavering of opinions and thoughts. Apprehension, distrust, fear, hesitation, questionable, suspect, suspense, uncertain, and undetermined]. Each of these characteristics of doubt is formed in the spirit of fear.

“If” is conditional. When Peter answered JESUS as JESUS was walking on the water. Peter had doubts about the fact that who he was seeing on the water was JESUS as human but rather a ghost. In all the time Peter had been in the company of JESUS and had first count witness to all that JESUS had done, Peter had doubts, he distrusted what he was seeing, fear was creeping into him, he had hesitation. Because Peter said to JESUS, “if” this means that he was questionable, suspect, uncertain, and had undetermined at that moment if what he was seeing was factual. However, what I love about Peter all though he had doubts, he pushed through them. Noticed how Peter put all the responsibility onto JESUS by saying “command” me to come to YOU on the water. Meaning that if anything were to happen to Peter it would have been JESUS fault and if Peter walked to where JESUS was on the water, that would have been because of JESUS as well.

Here is an example of the many attributes to the character and integrity of JESUS that we are to notice and place our trust in. JESUS never once bad-mouthed Peter by placing a label on him for having doubts. Regardless of how much faith we all have, we all have doubts to be who JESUS said we can be or receiving what we need or want from the FATHER through JESUS.

Although we sometimes struggle with doubts JESUS is still saying to us “come”. You know we can always remember and speak about how JESUS walked on water, but we often forget to mention that for a short while Peter walked on the water as well. Do we dismiss this fact because he began to sink? I think so, I think subconsciously we see the imperfection of Peter walking on the water, so we cast aside that he did walk on the water.

Most often, fear overtakes us and can cause us to doubt that we focus on the wrong people and things. We care too much about what others may think and will say. We care too much about the things we may lose if we dare to have faith in believing in the things we desire. Peter focused on the boisterous waves and that he was going to drown and die. But as Peter cried out in fear, we can have assurance in faith that JESUS will save us not only from sin but from everyone and everything that is in opposition to HIM.  At the time Peter was walking on the water the turbulence of the storm that did not faze JESUS made Peter fearful and nervous. JESUS will immediately and instantly reach out for us; HE will never let us fall.

Whoever goes to the LORD for safety and remains under HIS protection we will be able to say that the LORD is our defender and protector because it is HE who we have placed our trust in. JESUS will keep us safe from all hidden dangers and deadly diseases. The FATHER has given to us angels who have charge over us [some of you call them guardian angels] and they are to protect us wherever we go.

JESUS is aware of the little faith in HIM that we have that causes us to doubt HIM in certain areas of our lives. That does not mean that HE has labeled us doubters. This just means that we need to evaluate that area and ask ourselves as to why our faith is small in this area or that and then listen for HIS reply. We may have failed at searching the scriptures for the answers we are looking for, or better yet, to get the revelation knowledge for that area from the FATHER through JESUS when HIS Holy Spirit speaks to us. Know that there is no shame in asking the FATHER to help us with our unbelief. We need JESUS to help in building our weakness into strong faith. We need JESUS to help in our lack of trust in HIM so that we may overcome doubt in HIM.


References: John 8:36; Psalms 91, Mark 9:24



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