Not your will but GOD’s will


1 Johns 2:28 the blood-washed are the children of GOD and unlike our earthly parents who desire that we grow up and leave home. GOD desires that we live in HIM and remain there. There is a reason as to why our heavenly FATHER desires that once we return to HIM that we take up our home in HIM. And that is because HE knows that we are more familiar with what is going on in the world than we do with what is going on in heaven. HE knows that the temptation of the world is strong and ever pulling on our heartstrings. But GOD is much stronger and HE too is pulling on our heartstrings and HE is victorious in this battle of wills.

Yes, there are times when we give in to our own wills of the flesh which is worldly but we find ourselves running right back to HIM for safety and HIS shelter. This happens because GOD will never force/push us to do anything that we do not want to do. Once we become familiar with the will of our FATHER we will notice or someone will cause us to notice by telling us how much we have changed. Our devotion to those things that we once thought that we could not do without becomes perfectly clear to us that we did not need them but wanted them.

Just like when we pray to the FATHER most often our request has nothing at all to do with HIS will but rather our own. So, when we do not receive the answer we get irritated, begin to distrust, or anxious and provide for ourselves what we asked for from HIM. Big mistake. Like any good earthly father who provides for his children those things that are needed first and then later will provide us with those things that we want. GOD our FATHER also provides us with those things that we need first and then if those things that we want will not take us away from HIM, then HE will provide those things to us as well.

1 John 3:21-22 one of the curses that we obtained was a conscience. Our conscience will tell us when we are doing or saying something that we should not say or do. Our conscience is very legalistic and legalism is condemning. Once we experience condemnation we shrink away from our FATHER. Because we believe that we are guilty of a crime. When we return we begin to beg for HIS forgiveness. This is a no-no and reveals to us that we do not understand the finished works of CHRIST JESUS, we are already forgiven of past, present and future actions of sins. What we should do when we return is to just acknowledge to GOD that we did or said what we did or said because we wanted to or via mistake. Stop making excuses for the will of the flesh. Now, simply ask the FATHER what it is that is desired which we know is according to HIS will and know with assurance that HE will provide that to us. What is the commandment that we are to obey? To love all people and in doing this we will have obeyed the law of Moses without trying to recall what they are or perform ceremonies in order to please GOD and be found acceptable in HIM. Follow the love recipe that CHRIST JESUS commanded of us and we will not go wrong.

1 John 5:14 be confident that everything that we ask for which is pleasing to GOD is heard by HIM and that HE has approved of our request to provide us with what we asked for because it is HIS will.


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