Creation as we know it today, yesterday, and whatever will be in the future that has already been created we just may have not had the pleasure or displeasure, it all depends on your perception. Okay, those of you who believe in GOD whether you give HIM the honor and praise that is due to HIM or not. Know that GOD created. But did you know that JESUS is the Creative GOD that spoke into existence by saying “let there be”? And made with HIS hands’ man and named him Adam from the dirt/dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils breath? There is nothing that we discover or invent that is brand new. When Benjamin Franklin harnessed electricity or as we like to say “discovered”. Electricity was created by JESUS and existed long before Mr. Franklin came into existence. The invention of everything that we use today and attributed to humankind could not be brought about without the use of anything that JESUS had already created.

GOD is much too awesome for words to explain just who HE is and all that HE has done, all that HE is doing, and all that HE will do. And though the entity of GOD is ONE, HE operates in three major attributes. One of HIS attributes is to be recognized as our FATHER, we want to see HIM because most people will acknowledge FATHER just as GOD. GOD’s next attribute is named Holy Ghost/Spirit, He is Wisdom, He teaches us about JESUS, and how to live in victory as the overcomers we are. And then there is GOD in human form, HIS name is JESUS, HE is our Creator, Savior, MESSIAH. Now, understand each attribute work as ONE entity because there is only ONE True Living GOD. To simplify just a wee bit, I began as a daughter, a cousin, a sister, a wife, a mother, an aunt, and so on but I am only one person operating in various roles just as you do. My parents do not see me as a sister but they see me as their daughter and our relationship is based on my being their daughter and they being my mother and father. I believe you get where I am going with this. For us to understand who GOD is we are to be in an intimate relationship with each of HIS attributes. For example, I have an intimate relationship with JESUS as my Advocate, my Deliverer, my Counselor, my Overcomer, my Healer, and my Big Brother, my DADDY, my FATHER, and my Wisdom just to name a few. Notice how I included some of the attributes that are attached to GOD the FATHER, and GOD our Holy Ghost/Wisdom.

Why am I spending so much time trying to get you to see JESUS as the ONE True and Living GOD? Because I also want you to recognize that the FATHER sent HIS promise to HIS children and He is JESUS’s Holy Spirit/Comforter. The Holy Ghost was in the beginning also, He was not thought about and created as the angels were and as we are. No, let me show you just what I mean. Holy Spirit is the first of all works from the CREATOR JESUS. Holy Spirit has been with FATHER and JESUS before anything at all was created, so HE was there in the beginning before creation as we know it became into being. I realize that I am stretching this out but I am just wanting you to get this into your heart first and foremost. Holy Spirit is to be reverenced and speaking against Him verbally or through body language will cause you to be unforgiven, Matthew 12:31-32.

Okay, getting back on course, JESUS is the ONE who spoke and by the commandments of HIS words the heavens, angels, planets, stars, vegetation, the mighty waters, the dry ground, animals, insects, humankind, all of all were created by HIM. JESUS/GOD is the CREATOR of all things. It is the FATHER through JESUS who created everything in heaven and earth, the seen and the unseen. I know that I am coming across this repeatedly but I look at it this way and you do not have to agree with me. The FATHER saw fit to repeat this fact about HIS SON JESUS and HE placed this Good News in various books so that we will see and reverence JESUS in the manner in which we are to praise and worship HIM.

In the ancient days, the FATHER spoke to our ancestors through the mouths of Prophets. This is no longer so today because we have ONE PROPHET that we are to hear from and HIS name is JESUS. Yes, this very same JESUS who CREATED the universes, JESUS is the possessor of all things. Once we become one with JESUS then we have a new testimony to share with people, and that testimony is that we have eternal life and that life is only found within JESUS. JESUS repeated the fact that HE is the Light of this world, you know “let there be Light” Gen. 1:1. When we follow JESUS, HE provides that Light that shines in the darkness and that we will never again grope about as we once did. Everyone who genuinely believes in JESUS within their heart has the Light which comes from JESUS.  

John 1:3-4

Reference Scriptures: Prvbs 8,  Ps 33:6, Eph 3:9, Col 1:16-17, Heb. 1:2, John 8:12; 9:5; 12:46



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