Exalt Pt. 7

FATHER, I exalt YOU above the heavens.

Psalms 89:16-19, 24; 97:9; 107:32; 108:5; 118:16; 138:2; 148:13

The righteous people of the LORD know how to give JESUS a joyful shout of praise. People know how to cheer and praise the things that they enjoy that can do nothing for them other than provide them with temporal emotional satisfaction. However, these same people find it awkward to cheer and praise JESUS who can do everything for us. The righteous continually walk in the light of the presence of GOD because we are aware that HE is our beautiful and glorious strength. And in HIS kindness, we lovingly and honorably exalt our KING. JESUS is victorious and because HE is victorious, HE gives us victories it is in HIS love for us that HE causes us to be triumphant. JESUS is our protector HE shields us and it is because of HIS obedience to the FATHER that we belong to the Holy KING of Israel.

JESUS is faithful, HE is loyal, and HIS love for us will never fade or go away from us. In HIS name, we have HIS strength and it is in HIS name that we exalt HIM.

There is no one, not even all the gods that people chose to worship that is higher than HE is. JESUS is Supreme overall.

When we are gathered together, we are not there for form and fashion. We are there to exalt JESUS. We are not there to exalt our agendas if our agenda is anything other than JESUS. We are not there to promote politics or the lifestyle choices people make. We are gathered together to exalt JESUS. We are not gathered together to spectate but rather participate in exalting JESUS.

We exalt YOU JESUS above the heavens. LORD show us YOUR glory. Magnify YOUR presence overall on this earthen planet and overall this earthen vessel.


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