Doubt Is A Poison

Poison is Dangerous!

Acts 12:1-2

Mr. Nelson Mandela left us with many inspirational quotes, here is one that I also enjoy; “Resentment is like drinking poison and then hoping it will kill your enemies.”

Resentment is not the sense or perception of injury, but the excitement which is the effect of it. Resentment causes people to look at what they do not understand with the purpose to cause disapproval. Resentment is the parent of doubt. As we look at the passage of our focus scripture, we see that they, wait a moment who were they? Paul and Barnabas, these men went into the Synagogue or Church and spoke the Truth to the congregants. After hearing the Truth many came and joined the body of CHRIST. But some refused to believe, I think that it was the Priest, the Pharisees, and the Sadducees possibly who took umbrage with what had been said in the hearing of those that attended service that wonderful day. I think that these were the ones who began to stir up doubt in the minds of those who wanted to choose to join JESUS, not to leave their local synagogue as so many church leaders have a fear of. What Is The Reason?

Let us apply this to our time of today, we go and speak with our family and friends regarding the Truth, the Way, and the Life some will believe in their hearts, and some will have doubts. It will be those that have doubts that will trash talk about what we are doing and saying. Another scenario may be that we go out into our communities and tell others about the Truth, the Way, and the Life, and again some will believe in their hearts, and some will have doubts. With those that seemed to us that we could not reach, do not be discouraged because what we have said in their hearing will be repeated a few times in their thoughts before they eventually surrender to CHRIST. Remember we are being used as instruments to either plant or water. GOD is the only ONE who gets the harvest which is those precious lost souls returned to HIM.  However, when we go out thinking that we are properly armed to inform others about JESUS, then invite those who have not heard about JESUS. We sometimes miss the mark because our church leaders are more concerned about filling up the chairs/pews, and about signing members. But even if this does happen, these very same ones will be the ones who will go missing in action and may not return or will return during those pivotal days of celebration, believing that they have done something magnificent. But filling the chairs/pews and having people join the membership of a certain local assembly means absolutely nothing if the people are not learning that they no longer must be inmates to sin.

We must encourage people to choose to come out of the bondages that are keeping them from living a productive and set free life in JESUS. Yes, we are going to encounter naysayers who are going to stir up those that want to be broken free from their enslavement. But do not allow those who are doubtful to discourage you or those who want to be set free. Yes, we are going to encounter those who are going to reject what JESUS has to offer them because they are drowning in the sin of darkness, so far so that they find it impossible to see a pinhole of light. Yes, we are going to encounter people who we may not be able to persuade to answer the call of CHRIST JESUS so that they can become children of the Living GOD. So, these people will continue to trash talk either softly or loudly trying to discourage those who want out of sin and their stinking cells. Yes, people who doubt the Truth will be excited as they try to stir up and try to poison the minds and to do evil to those souls, who desire better for themselves and their families.

But do not listen! Those same people who swear out that they love you, have your back, and say all those nice pleasantries that we believe. Do not want to see us delivered and set free from the straitjackets, from the neck to ankle shackles, from the musty, stinking, plague filled, dark, infectious, room that we are either left alone in or in the company of several who are suffering from all the same sin that you are either addicted to or characterized by. People are comfortable with what they understand, with familiarity, but I am being used by GOD to let you know that you have a choice to come out from among them.

CHRIST JESUS is always walking through the dungeons, the jails, the prisons, the drug house, the brothels, the streets, and anywhere else where people are not being reached with HIS gospel of truth. People who must hear that HE is the Savior, that HE is the ONE who died for them, in their place, that HE is the ONE who suffered the torture so that we did not and do not have to, that HE is the ONE who willingly laid down HIS life on the cross to be nailed and hung so that the world could see HIS shame, that HE is the ONE that was buried and was raised again on the third day in Victory and Overcomer and now HE is seated by the FATHER on HIS right side where HE is praying for the children of GOD and HE is also calling out the names of those who HE is looking for to return to their first love though they have no remembrance who is their GOD.

CHRIST JESUS does not want to see anyone live a defeated life due to sin, HE does not want anyone to be engulfed by the hand of satan and his demonic cohorts. JESUS does not desire that everyone miss out on hearing the Truth so that they may come to know the Way and experience the abundant Life that can only be found in HIM.

Doubt is an ugly demonic tool used by the hand of our enemy, satan does not want any person to hear the Truth, he does not want any person to be set free from the bondage of sin which is the manifestation of anything negative such as depression, oppression, addictions, hurts, anger, loneliness and so on. But you have a choice to be set free and be free indeed in JESUS the CHRIST our MESSIAH.

Now, is the time to come out, now is the time to suddenly experience your new life in CHRIST JESUS. Now is the time.


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