Grace and Peace to the children of the Living GOD and from CHRIST JESUS


2 Corinthians 1:2, 11-12, 15; 4:15; 6:1; 8:1, 9; 9:8, 14; 12:9; 13:14

Are any of us aware that when we offer up to GOD in the name of JESUS our prayers for others that we are helping them? Our prayers are a help to others but it should never be our only means of providing help, for example, if someone comes to us and tell us that they are hungry this is not the time to pray that they get fed. When away from home go into a store and purchase a sandwich and water or take them inside a fast-food environment and either allow them to order or you order for them. After, providing them with food and beverage then pray for them. The more of us who will pray and do for others the more help will be provided. All prayers are answered by the FATHER    when we speak specifically and in faith that JESUS will provide. The children of the Living GOD must at all times conduct themselves with a clear conscience of our testimony in CHRIST JESUS having everything that we do be done from a pure heart and not from worldly wisdom. Always ask the FATHER that everywhere that we visit that we bring with us HIS Grace.

Grace flows out

Things that we do for others in the name of JESUS are for our benefit so that GOD’s grace which is expanding and increasing that is being given to more people will increase thanksgiving to GOD for HIS glory.

Work together

Work together with GOD and with our siblings in the faith of CHRIST JESUS, never work against one another. Do not allow the grace which has been received to be a waste by our negative actions and words.

Share with others what has been witnessed among our siblings

Share with others that we see often about the grace of GOD that we have witnessed while we were amid our siblings that we are not in close company with. Meaning, when we take our trips anywhere and we spend time in the congregation at places of worship, or we visit the homes of our faith-filled siblings in JESUS or just go out doing pleasurable things like dining out, going to parks, or whatever. Come back with a testimony of how GOD is working HIS grace in their lives and presence. This is an encouragement, not a competition. JESUS took on poverty not in the meaning that HE had no finances because we should be made aware that no one needs a treasurer unless there is a need to keep an account of all the wealth one has. The poverty that JESUS took on was to leave in heaven HIS deity and to take on humanity.

GOD provides

GOD is our provider of abundant grace which overflows to us so that we can have plenty of everything that we need to not only take care of our needs but the needs of others as well. When we are a help to those in need, they will speak of us to others with appreciation and thankfulness to GOD all for the great grace given to us to share with many. They may not know how to say it in the manner that we would expect but GOD listens to what is in the heart of humans. So, there may be times when we hear someone praying that we may think that they may not be saying the correct words. GOD is listening to the heart. There may be times when we do not see people praying, do not concern yourselves with this. GOD sees all. After all, GOD is the provider, not us.

GOD’s Grace is enough

We all experience weakness from all sorts of things. But it is the grace of GOD that is more than enough to make us strong in HIM. It is GOD’s power that is made perfect in us. It has nothing at all to do with eating well, getting enough rest, or isolating self from others. Though we do need all of that, we cannot depend on them apart from GOD’s Spirit. The more we realize the presence of GOD the more energized and powerful we become in HIM. Speak about the shortcomings that we experience and then share how GOD’s Grace, HIS Power that is working within us is causing us to be perfect in HIM and how HIS power gives us all the strength that we need day by day.

GOD’s favor and Spiritual blessings

This is our shared fellowship: The Grace of the LORD JESUS the CHRIST our MESSIAH; the LOVE of the FATHER; and the Communion, Friendship, and Participation of the Holy Spirit which must be within us all.



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