Pay Homage to JESUS The CHRIST


Psalms 2:12 AMPC

In today’s modern English in America words such as “Homage and Affront” are rarely if ever used anymore. But I have found it critically important that we study these words and re-evaluate our relationship with JESUS. We must understand completely how and where we stand in and with HIM.

Back in the nineteen-eighties my former pastor taught on the verse “Kiss the Son” and if memory serves me correctly, he published a book as well. Today, I must admit that either he got it all wrong or I understood it all wrong. Being a young mother of my firstborn who is male, I understood this teaching to mean to me how I was to care more tenderly for my son, I thought that the verse of scripture was written about mortal sons. And after reading that verse of scripture several times back then I am positive that I never realized that the entire verse is about JESUS and mankind.

First, I would like to make it clear what these two words mean.

  1. Homage – Loyalty and Submission; kneeling and or laying face down at the feet of our SUPERIOR; confessing/professing devotion from the heart. Respect towards others is shown by actions. Respect/Reverence towards the FATHER, the SON/JESUS the CHRIST (MESSIAH), and the Holy Ghost/Spirit.
  2. Affront – Meet face to face to encounter positive or negative senses. Most often if or when this word is used, it is used in the negative sense, e.g., abuse by actions or words, insults by words; to give offense away or in person; to cause anger; open defiance; ill-treatment; contempt; resentment; foul language; shame; disgrace; displeasure.
  3. Purity – Cleanness; cleanness from dirt and foulness; freedom from dirt; freedom from the defilement of sin; the innocence of heart through CHRIST JESUS; freedom from illicit sex (unlawful, prohibited, and hated by GOD The FATHER, by CHRIST JESUS The SON, and by the Holy Spirit).

Okay, now that this is cleared up, I hope that these words will open up your understanding when you take a look at this verse again or for the first time. Please read the entire verse, soak the entire verse in. But concentrate on “Kiss the SON.” Know that today, right now in the present we are living in the Grace Dispensation and The FATHER nor CHRIST JESUS is angry with anyone. However, the day will come that I am positive that JESUS HIMself is not looking forward to when HE will again step down from HIS throne and return to planet earth again but in anger towards all those who live as hypocrites and towards all nonbelievers in HIM. This will be when HE will say “I never knew you.” (Matthew 7:23)

Looking at these words in the Amplified version of the above text “Kiss the SON, pay homage to HIM in purity.” What do you think this means? Let me see if I can shed some light here.

To welcome JESUS CHRIST and to submit to HIM.

This is the great duty of the CHRISTian relationship; it is that which is required of all, even kings and judges, and it is our wisdom and interest to do it. Observe:

The command is given to this purport [meaning]: Kiss the SON. CHRIST is called the SON because HE was declared (Ps. 2:7), YOU are MY SON.

  • JESUS is the SON of GOD by Eternal Generation, and, upon that account, JESUS is to be adored by us. (John 1:1)
  • JESUS is the Son of man (Matthew 1: 16, 18) (the Mediator, John 5:27), and, upon that account, to be Received and Submitted to.
  • JESUS is called the SON of GOD (Matthew 3:17, 17:5) and the Son of Man (Matthew 8:20, 9:6, 10:23, 11:19, 12:8, 32, 40, 13:37, 41, 16:13, 27-28, 17:9, 12, 22, 18:11, 19:28, 20:18, 28, 24:27, 30, 37, 39, 34, 25:13, 31, 26:2, 24, 45, 64) to include both, as GOD is often called emphatically the FATHER because HE is the FATHER of our LORD JESUS CHRIST and in JESUS our FATHER, and we must have an eye to JESUS under both considerations.

Our duty to CHRIST is here expressed figuratively: Kiss the SON, not with a betraying kiss, as Judas Iscariot kissed him (Matthew 26:47-49), and as all hypocrites (Matthew 6:2, 6, 16, 15:6-8, 16:3, 22:18, 23:13-15, 23, 25, 27, 29, 24:50-51) who pretend to honor HIM, this is an affront [negative sense] to JESUS.

  • We must Kiss the SON with a Believing (John 14:1)
  • With a kiss of Agreement and Reconciliation. (Romans 5:11, 2 Corinthians 6:16)
  • Kiss, and Be Friends, as Jacob and Esau; let the quarrel between us and GOD terminate; let the acts of hostility cease and let us be at peace with GOD in CHRIST who is our Peace. (Genesis 33:4, Isaiah 9:6)

I am concluding this for now because this is a lot to soak in. Hopefully, GOD willing I will come back quickly to share more.

Keep me in your prayers for increasing health and increasing strength from day to day in CHRIST JESUS so that I may continue to carry out the mission HE has given to me for you.

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