The Eternal Word becomes human

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In our entire existence, there is nothing more important that we will accomplish as spending time with CHRIST JESUS.

The majority of us spend a great deal of money purchasing self-help books, attending seminars, and speaking with professional coaches all because we desire to become better in some area of our life.

But did you know that every single answer that we are looking for in books, seminars and being coached is actually found in the Word of GOD? The Word of GOD is not just the best continual selling book of all time but rather it is a book that actually has life in its pages, the book will breathe life into us if we will only believe and apply.

JESUS is the very depiction of the FATHER, we can actually see and feel the heart of the FATHER through CHRIST JESUS. Spending time with JESUS transforms our heart the more we are with HIM. And the transformation of our heart develops us to become more like JESUS.

We can never be too busy to spend time in GOD’s Eternal Word. Unlike what it was like for me when I was a young CHRISTian beginning my life in HIM, we had no electronic devices to listen to GOD’s Word during our busy schedules. The most we had were audio cassette tapes that we could play in our big bulky tape recorders, then came the walk-man devices or we could play them as we are driving from one place to another. Today, we can listen to the Word of GOD on our mobile phones, our watches, our tablets, in our cars and, our computers. Oh, and let me not forget that there are channels on the television where we can view the Word of GOD being spoken by some who truly know HIM and by others that we need to stay totally clear of. However, the bottom line is no one has an excuse not to spend quality time with JESUS.

John 1:1-5, CHRIST JESUS is the Eternal Word of GOD. In the beginning, was CHRIST JESUS. I will never tire of the fact that this is completely awesome to me and we may never totally get this until we are joined with HIM in heaven once HE returns for us. CHRIST JESUS is GOD and CHRIST JESUS was with GOD (I know this to be true because I believe this). CHRIST JESUS has always been in existence, HE was not born nor did HE die in the sense that we are born and die. CHRIST JESUS in human form is our seed and what happens to seeds when we bury them? They die to produce what is within them. Through HIS becoming human HE obeyed HIS mission to die for the world and HE was resurrected and ascended and is seated at the right hand of the FATHER with HIS crown of glory adorning HIS head rather than that crown of thorns which was pushed down into HIS skull and brow. HE is dressed in HIS royal attire, HIS robe is covered with blood rather than the clothes that HE was stripped of so that HE could walk to HIS place of crucifixion naked and ashamed. And HIS name is the Word of GOD! CHRIST JESUS existed before anything that HE created. Everything that has been created was created by HIM for HIM. GOD created everything through CHRIST JESUS that is in heaven, on earth and, beneath the earth. HE created the seen and the unseen, HE is the One who created spiritual powers, lords, rulers and, authorities. CHRIST JESUS is the Word of Life and in HIS human form people were able to see HIM and touch HIM. CHRIST JESUS is the Word which became flesh who is full of grace and truth. In the prayer that JESUS is saying to the FATHER, HE let it be known plainly that HE existed in the beginning and that HE was glorified. Nothing CHRIST JESUS spoke into existence is without witness today. Mankind does not have the ability to create without using what CHRIST JESUS has already provided and mankind does not have the ability to discover or invent without using that which CHRIST JESUS has already provided. CHRIST JESUS is our original architect for all and we must accept this and speak about the Eternal Life who is CHRIST JESUS. The un-belief in CHRIST JESUS does not make it untrue, HE did come to HIS created earth dressed in human skin, skeleton and untainted, unsinful blood flowed through HIS veins. In HIS human death, HE gave to us salvation so that we can understand the true and living GOD. And as believers in CHRIST JESUS we live in union with the FATHER and CHRIST JESUS. HE is the true GOD and HE is Eternal life. CHRIST JESUS spoke into existence all that is created by HIS spoken word and they came to be and they were all considered good. And as the creator of all things CHRIST JESUS kept HIS secret hidden until HIS perfect time. Now, that HIS secret has been revealed, some of us in HIS family do not understand the finished works of CHRIST JESUS because we are relying on one or two days a week of fellowship in our local assembly rather than studying and listening to CHRIST JESUS through the Holy Spirit our perfect teacher. In these final days which has been in existence since JESUS CHRIST came to earth as a human, GOD has been speaking to us through HIS SON wanting us to get ready for our departure to be with HIM eternally. CHRIST JESUS is the architect for all that exists and HE is the true owner of all.

CHRIST JESUS is the light of the world and anyone who follows after HIM has that light of life and will never again live and walk in darkness. When JESUS CHRIST was in this world, HE was the light of the world. JESUS CHRIST came into this world to be our guiding light so that anyone who actively believes in HIM will no longer live in eternal darkness. No one is without excuse if you are an active non-believer in CHRIST JESUS it is because you love the darkness and you love to continue in your evil deeds. You have no one to blame but yourself for your eternal location away from GOD.   

This should be our testimony, that GOD has provided and given to us eternal life through HIS SON. Anyone who possesses the SON (CHRIST JESUS) rather than just professing HIM, have eternal life in HIM. Those who profess CHRIST JESUS but do not possess HIM, do not have eternal life in HIM.

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