Speak Encouragement

1 Kings 22:13

Everything that The LORD GOD Almighty created is good, nothing that HE created is bad. In fact, we should agree that every gift that HE has given to humankind is good and perfect because HE Is The ONE who provides us with every necessity this world has. Yet, once Adam allowed sin to pollute all that our Loving FATHER created for us everything that has been created has become tainted or the use of what we need is being offered at a price that should be free.

Sin has darkened the heart and mind of mankind to such a degree that when we are out and about it will be difficult for us to hear words of encouragement spoken from one person to another all day, each day. The language which is spoken among most people is discouraging through the use of profanity, the telling from one person to another that they cannot do something or speak that which needs to be said consistently until the person begins to believe the limitations that have been placed on him/her.

When people come to JESUS it most often takes years to un-brainwash the person and retrain them in all that they can do in the freedom of CHRIST. And to retrain their verbalization of words to use when speaking through the renewing of the heart and mind.

Every human needs to be encouraged from the moment that we are born until the moment that we expire. Like begets like so if all a person hears is discouragement most likely that person will speak in the same manner to others. Encouragement is a gem that seems to be difficult to apprehend in the lives of most people. This is because there are so many people who have not made words of encouragement a lifestyle, the norm.

Discouragement needs to be viewed as abnormal not normal. And encouragement needs to be viewed as normal and not abnormal. Encouragement is oftentimes doled out as if it is a medal or trophy that is to be won.

Ask any person who has had the pleasure of being encouraged by another if they would enjoy receiving encouraging words daily and most likely you will hear a resounding yes.

Take the time to look yourself in the mirror and speak words that will encourage you, that will give you self-love, increase your positive choice of words over yourself and find that each day you will become more confident and will look for ways to succeed in this life. Inspire yourself in the beginning then begin to inspire others, build not only your courage but the courage of another. Strengthen your mind with words of you can do this, that you are equipped to accomplish that, and that you are not alone at no given time because FATHER GOD is always right there with you through CHRIST JESUS.

Many people like to utilize words of affirmation daily. This is wonderful but are you aware that our heavenly FATHER provided us with words of affirmation that will transform our thinking and speaking because HIS words are heart-changing?

Let me share with you just a few words of affirmation that has come from our FATHER.

  • Isaiah 40:31 – I will wait on the LORD. HE will renew my strength. I will mount up with wings like eagles. I will run and not be weary. I will not faint.
  • Psalm 46:1 – GOD is my refuge and strength. GOD is my very present help when I am in trouble.
  • Mark 5:34 – It is my faith that makes me well, continue going forward in peace, I am healed from all afflictions.
  • John 3:3 – I must be Born-Again to see the Kingdom of GOD.
  • John 3:16 – GOD loved me so much that HE gave HIS only SON JESUS, so that if I have faith in HIM, that I will have eternal life in HIM.
  • 2 Corinthians 12:9 – The grace of JESUS Is sufficient for me, the strength of JESUS is made perfect when I am weak.
  • Philippians 4:19 – My GOD will supply all of my needs according to HIS riches in glory through CHRIST JESUS.

Notice that I have made those few chosen scriptures personal and there are many more that are to be searched out and found. Worldly affirmations that we may say daily are great but Spiritual affirmations that are said daily are better because they will infuse life into us.

GOD’s affirmations will change our hearts from being discouragers to encouragers. As always begin with self first then once encouragement has become a part of our nature share encouragement with family, friends, neighbors, school chums, co-workers, and strangers.

Often times we cannot wait for others to change, we are the ones that must change as well. People will notice that because we are allowing GOD to work from within and that it is showing up outwardly, most likely they may want to change as well. Encouraging words to anyone will always become beneficial to those on the receiving end.

Today, choose to speak encouragement.


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