Grace Teaches Us How We Are Too Live

Titus 2:9-14, 3:7

Must you have the last word in everything? Do you think that everything that you say and do is correct? Do you believe that you cannot be taught or corrected because you think that you know it all? I can go on and on about how we either did or do operate in the flesh because we either do not have Grace living in our hearts or we are not allowing Grace to train us up into the character of who JESUS is. Here are just a few things we may want to ask GOD to deal with us regarding.

  • Do not be contradictory/stop back talking
  • Do not speak hurtful words to others/discourage
  • Do not defraud/steal peace or possessions
  • Do Listen and consider what is being said
  • Do speak words of encouragement, truth
  • Do bring peace/gifts/provision of aid, assistance, help, and support

We lost the fire and zeal

We all need Grace to teach us to be forgiving, loving, and patient in all things especially with people as JESUS is forgiving, loving, and patient with you and me. When we came to JESUS, we turned our backs on sin but as time went on we seemed to have lost that fire, that zeal that we experienced the moment we became Born-Again CHRISTians we began to compartmentalize the godless indulgence of our flesh and this world. We make excuses as to why we say and do what we do. This is what I tried to teach my children when they were growing up, excuses are nothing but lies, it is a cop-out and it reveals that we are not willing to take accountability and responsibility for our actions and for what we have said. Our lives are to be GOD-filled and GOD-honoring in every aspect and for this, we must depend on Grace or we will always return to that which is comfortable and familiar.

Start Now

Our new life begins fresh every morning just as GOD’s mercy is new every morning. Our appetites should always be craving for that glorious day when JESUS will make HIS appearance. Keeping ever before us that it is JESUS who offered HIMself as our sacrifice which is the only sacrifice that is acceptable before our HOLY GOD. It is in HIS sacrifice that we have been set free from complete darkness, and a rebellious lifestyle.

The Sacrifice Of JESUS

In the complete freedom that we obtained in JESUS, we experience a good and pure life in HIM but that life is not hum-drum this life is energetic and robust in HIS goodness. We are to build one another up through encouragement. All of us have been torn down by the negative words received within our household, from school, from work, and from those we socialize with. Is it not time for us to want to hear encouraging words from those who know encouragement so that we too will begin to speak encouragement into the lives of others? Know who you are to the FATHER and who you are in CHRIST JESUS and stop listening to those discouraging words hurled at you, take charge of what you listen to and allow into your heart.

Why Did JESUS Sacrifice HIMself For You And Me?

JESUS sacrificed HIMself just for you and just for me so that we could be justified in righteousness. This means to be in right standing before the Most-Holy GOD and to receive a life that will never end. This means that should we die an earthly death believing in CHRIST JESUS and most of us will, we will not spend our immortality in the lake of fire located in hell with satan and his demons which is the second death that never ends. We all will have to spend eternity somewhere as the scripture instructs, GOD has set before us life and death, blessings, and cursing’s, therefore choose life so that you and your seed may live; Deut. 30:19. By Grace, we have been given hope and that hope is that we are heirs according to the promises and we must have expectations in them.


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