JESUS has changed my life


To be honest with you, I have never cared about what color the skin of JESUS is. I write this because back when I was in my early thirties I was asked about that. My answer then and my answer today has remained the same. I really do not care what color the skin of JESUS is because all I know with certainty is that HIS blood is red and it has washed me clean from sin.

CHRIST JESUS has a desire to meet us right where we are because to HIM it does not matter what the following are concerning you.

  • The struggle with addictions
  • What our skin color or nationality is
  • HE knows who we are biologically male/female
  • HE knows that some are deceived when it comes to who they are sexually in gender and that they have altered HIS best for them
  • HE knows about our economic situation
  • HE knows that all humans are sinners and that they must hear the truth about HIMself so that they may believe in HIM
  • And so on-

None of that matters to HIM because what HE desires first and foremost is that HE find us regardless of where we are. HE is the One that is searching for us as we search for peace in empty promises. We will never find JESUS because JESUS is not the One who is lost, it is us. CHRIST JESUS is willing to search for us and locate us no matter where we are, HE is willing to go into the most depraved places to sit and speak with us then HE will walk us from that pit of darkness and despair. It does not matter to HIM who we are, what we are guilty of, when we have done something, where we are and why we do the things we do because HE knows the answer to all of that.

CHRIST JESUS will stand up for us while satan will throw us to the wolves. All it takes is for us to humble ourselves and admit that we need HIM. When we do this with our entire heart we will no longer run after those things that will bring temporary satisfaction yet continue to leave us empty and wanting more to satisfy us again and again. Those temporary gratifications that we run after is a never-ending cycle of needing more to numb ourselves from the pain we have endured and to push us deeper into those lies that we choose to believe all because we are blinded and deaf to the truth.

I am an advocate to testify about who CHRIST JESUS is and who we are in HIM, it is not about religion but about a relationship with and in HIM.

John 4:9 I have always found this an interesting passage of scripture because it magnifies cultural divisions due to sin and its effect being prejudice. Today we have the scientific ability to find out just who we are in regards to DNA. I have found out that by natural blood I am a Jewess and not only that but originated from Samaria. Not only was I totally shocked by this but it drove me to find out why was this Samaritan woman shunned by Jews. Do you know that Samaritans are Jews as well? They are the descendants of Joseph’s two sons Ephraim and Manasseh. Samaritans are also from the tribe of Levi.  According to Samaritan tradition, the split between them and the Judean-led Southern Israelites began during the biblical time of the priest Eli when the Southern Israelites split off from the central Israelite tradition, as they perceive it. Then I began to think about prejudice today between cultural and skin tone and as I have always believed long before I knew that I sprang from various cultural DNA lines is that being prejudice regarding culture and skin complexion is just plain stupid. To make my point there is a scripture that reads about a  man who was badly injured and how a Jewish clergyman crossed the road to avoid him, and how another Jewish man from the tribe of Levi also avoided the injured man knowing that this guy was nearly injured to cause his death because he took the time to actually stop, look at the poor guy and decided to do nothing and left the guy there. But it was the compassion of the despised Samaritan who actually showed compassion and put him up in a hotel (I’m using today’s language to make my point, the word hotel is not found in the bible.) and paid for his lodgings.  Not only that the Samaritan told the desk clerk that whatever this guys debts were that he would gladly cover the cost should it exhaust the payment he had already provided for the guy’s upkeep. Does this not come across in the manner that people today who are most despised due to their culture and skin color are more likely to be the ones who will offer help to those in need?

When JESUS spoke to the woman who is Samaritan she was perplexed because Jews did not associate with Samaritans let alone speak to women. And to make matters worse she was trying her best to fill the void in her heart by being in temporary relationships with various men. This woman not only was void of her precious worth but she lacked the knowledge of knowing that she was much more precious than what she saw herself as being. She like all of us do was looking for someone or something to fill the void within and to be genuinely loved. This is what we all hunger and thirst for but only JESUS can fill our hunger to the point that we will never hunger anymore and only JESUS can quench our thirst. Our hunger for what we all are searching for is actually the Bread of Life and that is CHRIST JESUS. And the unquenchable thirst that we all have is quenched by the Living Water that becomes a fountain that spring up within us into everlasting life.

Philippians 2:3-11


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