An author is one who causes or brings something forward. The greatest author that all humankind should know about is the Great Author CHRIST JESUS. CHRIST JESUS created, produced and brought into being everything. Things invisible and visible; things are known and unknown; things that have a name or will have a name. Daily we are witnesses to HIS ongoing creation that can and will only be destroyed by HIM at the right time. Another author is the author of confusion and disorder and his name is satan. And for authors who compose and write literature or music; I give you a standing ovation because I find it very difficult to write but I write these blogs with the ease of help from the Holy Spirit. Pray for me because it is my desire to become the author of a book.

All the confusion and destruction that we are witnesses to is not caused by the Almighty GOD. Yet, HE gets the blame. People blame GOD for weather disasters, deaths of our loved ones, illnesses and such. When in truth it’s not true; nowhere in the New Testament scripture will we find GOD causing destruction or moving about in anger or causing the death of people as we read of HIS doing in the Old Testament. GOD is and always have been a GOD of love and order even when we read how HE dealt with situations before HIS beloved SON CHRIST JESUS was born as the gift to mankind. When we read the New Testament, we discover that JESUS CHRIST taught about love and how we are to love, HE taught order, HE demonstrated to us how HE controls the elements when a storm began to rage and cause great fear among HIS disciples. CHRIST JESUS brings about order, not disorder and chaos. CHRIST JESUS is all about peace because HE is Peace. The FATHER and CHRIST JESUS do not want us to be disorderly nor be the victim of disorder brought on by satan through everything that we experience in this world that is negative and violent. The FATHER and CHRIST JESUS want us all to experience through HIM, HIS harmony and peace.


1Corinthians 14:33; Hebrews 12:2


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