MY Name Is JESUS – 7

As Many As Received JESUS


Have you received and welcomed JESUS into your heart? When was the last time you asked anyone if they have received and welcomed JESUS into their heart? Does anyone truly know what this pivotal question means?

The questions above are the most critical questions to another human and the answer given to the question can be life-changing for some and bothersome to others. When we ask the question the response that we should be waiting for is a resounding yes and then we must ask them what is meant by having JESUS living within their heart. Sometimes we can just sense when our sibling(s) are near to us and other times we have no clue. Each of us must know that JESUS gave us authority, power, privilege, and the right to become and be called a true child of the Living GOD. We have taken the step forward to trust in the name and person who is JESUS The CHRIST. None of us can put every ounce of our trust into another human because humans are fallible except the Man JESUS. With humans, we can only place a certain amount of trust, and with places and things we can place none, or at least we should not place any trust in them. When The FATHER is trying to gain the lost souls’ attention HE may fine-tune the ears just for a brief moment so that the person may hear HIM speak through the mouth of another. Have any of you ever been with someone that you know is in a position that resembles yours? [I am writing to those who are without JESUS at this moment]. I mean you are doing things that have nothing at all to do with the Most-Highest Living GOD, yet, a person near you may hear the voice of GOD coming from the mouth of another and they will come to attention. You may see them try to hide from the words that they are hearing, you may see them open the flood gates of their eyes and cry uncontrollably. And at that moment they invite JESUS into their sinful heart and they will begin to do one of two things.

  1. Witness to those around them.
  2. Leave the place where they were.

People who are overwhelmed by their new birth experience are trying to wrap their minds around what just happened to them. Is it not strange how those who were around the individual that just received the free gift of salvation will not believe the transformation and they will say that the person is either trippin or has gone crazy? And what about the group of people who with their natural ears will hear GOD speak but their hearts are not receptive to what they hear? In the scriptures, there was a High Priest named Caiphes and though he did not believe in JESUS nor HIS power, The FATHER used him to speak to the council when a few of the Pharisees who witness JESUS bring Lazarus back to life returned to him. Caiaphas said “You people know nothing! It is better for one man to die for the people than for the whole nation to be destroyed. But you don’t realize this.” Well, One Man did die for all the people who were alive at the time of, and after HIS crucifixion, that Man’s name is JESUS. But it did not end there, HE rose from the dead so that we could rise from the dead, and in like manner, as HE went up into the clouds so will those who truly belong to The FATHER through CHRIST JESUS. Caiaphas was not a follower of JESUS, intrigued maybe but not a follower and the words that he spoke into the hearing of the council did not come from his knowledge or wisdom. The words that he spoke came from the Holy Ghost who used him just as the Holy Ghost used the mouth of the donkey to speak to its master [Numb 22:28]. It is the children of GOD who used their faith to become united not only to JESUS The CHRIST but to The FATHER as well and had we not used our faith as tiny as it was to believe in JESUS we would still be on the outside of The FATHER. The moment after we confessed who JESUS is and opened the door of our heart inviting HIM to come in to not only live but to dine with us [Rev 3:20], we will become baptized in JESUS and decked out in our new attire of clothes that JESUS picked out for us. This will show that we are adorned in CHRIST JESUS and forevermore will be known as the children of the Living GOD.

We are born of GOD this is why we can boldly proclaim that we are Born-Again [Jn 3:7] because this birth has nothing at all to do with natural human descent, physical birth, or carnal/natural/sinful blood. This has nothing at all to do with human parents, by the decision/desire/passion/or will of the flesh. This birth is spiritual, not spiritual in how humankind is now floating that term around to make themselves appear so when in fact what they are proclaiming is that they may believe in GOD but in JESUS they do not. How can I make this claim? Because if you believe that you can think whatever you want, look at whatever you want, listen to whatever you want, say whatever you want, and do whatever you want with no regard for The FATHER out of fear/reverence or to be void of the characteristics and integrity of JESUS you are mistaken.

No earthly human will be allowed into heaven without first being born of water and the Holy Spirit. Here on earth we humans are the ones who credit one another for being likable, loveable, kind, and any other characteristic that makes us believe that when someone that we know and or possibly love has died the first thing we confess is that they have gone to heaven. I will not judge now but I have no problem repeating the scriptures.

  1. You must believe in JESUS
  2. You must be Born-Again
  3. You must be born of water and the Holy Spirit

That is it and that is all, there is no middle ground here for gaining access to the Kingdom of GOD. GOD The FATHER is the ONE who decided to give humankind true life through HIS Truth who is JESUS. Once we believe and receive JESUS then we will become the most important of all that HE created. Know just how exciting being counted among those who have been Born-Again. Our new life does not come from mortality, something that dies but from immortality, eternal life. We are born and have life eternal through The FATHER’s Living Message JESUS.

Know that CHRIST is Righteous and that because JESUS is Righteous we too are righteous through HIM and by the Holy Ghost can do what is right in GOD. This is possible for every one of us who are Born-Again in CHRIST JESUS. The reason that many of us do not do what is right in The FATHER through CHRIST is that we are not encouraged and taught consistently. Instead, we are browbeaten from the pulpit and by anyone who does not understand GOD’s mercy and grace. The Holy Ghost is the One who gives us the power to do everything that the FATHER wills for us to do. When we make a mistake we will feel uncomfortable in our deepest being, this is the Holy Spirit showing us that we are either thinking, looking, listening, or doing something that displeased Him. We will also become uncomfortable when we are in some place we ought not to be or with someone, we should not be around. We do not want to do anything sinful because we do not want The FATHER to be displeased with us. We want The FATHER to see us as a good and faithful servants. Now, what I have explained about our natural way of living before we became children of the Living GOD, was done by the following efforts.

  1. We were taught wrong
  2. We did not need to be taught because it is in our nature
  3. We are sinful and rebellious people

Our only route of escape is through JESUS. Do not come down on yourselves when you notice that you have sinned because hopefully that will be done in error rather than in lifestyle.

John 1:12-13

Reference Scripture: Jn 11:52, Gal 3:26, Jn 3:5, Jms 1:18, 1 Ptr 1:23, 1 Jn 2:29, 3:9


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