Condemn/ation – Part II


Religion has misinformed so many people to believe that when we are baptized that we will be saved. When relationship drives the believer to be baptized not out of condemnation but out of love for the instructions left for us by our Savior. JESUS was baptized and the Holy Spirit descended on HIM to proclaim aloud who JESUS is and how HIS FATHER’s heart is towards HIM. Being baptized out of condemnation and what we believe is religiously incorrect without belief, faith and trust in the CHRIST means that we are being baptized dirty and we rise dirty. Nothing has changed, we still will not have an understanding as to why we are baptized. However, the believer, the one of faith in the CHRIST and trust only in HIM will be baptized as the outward showing of all that is the CHRIST in our public display that we are saved by and through CHRIST JESUS alone who is the Savior and that we will grow in relationship in HIM to become our LORD. Many confess that JESUS is their LORD and Savior when in truth this is not so because so many of us in the beginning of our faith walk actually believe in the fact that HE is the SON of the living GOD and that HE died for us to set us free from condemnation, the curse, death, guilt, hell, sin and all the punishment that comes from the curse of sin. But it actually takes growth by faith in HIM to be sold-out to HIM that HE is now our LORD in our life. So being baptized in disbelief is worthless and it’s better not to do so when in actuality the heart has not been changed and our spirit is not alive in CHRIST JESUS. Because those who believe and trust out of faith in CHRIST JESUS have the ability to drive out demons wherever they visit when the believer does so out of the faith they have when they invoke the name of JESUS. And they don’t believe the controversy that speaking in new tongues is passé but rather for every believer who desires to speak in their heavenly language to their FATHER. When judging others we must do so out of compassion which brings about conviction instead of condemnation. Also, stop judging by the law but judge in grace and mercy this type of judging is done to distinguish between the truth and the lie. Not to embarrass and invoke shame on our siblings in CHRIST JESUS. When we test the spirits by the Holy Spirit we will not go wrong. For me in any area of my life that I’m aware that I must grow in according to the grace of GOD or that must be removed from me through having faith in CHRIST JESUS, I usually don’t speak to others about so that the area that I judge another in being legalistic will not come back to condemn me through the voice of the enemy. When I’m convicted in the Holy Spirit it’s loving and in His reproving me the change comes about effortlessly. It is better to forgive people because people do things in ignorance. We don’t understand that what we do that is shrouded in darkness is being orchestrated by the hand of the devil. So we who are the children of light must forgive, let go, love and move on. It’s strange to think that because we are religious without having the love of CHRIST living on the inside of our heart that condemning another provides comfort out of being self-righteous. Beware because you are only fooling yourself the same punishment reserved for the devil, demons and those who died in their sins is also reserved for you. It is out of the callousness, stubbornness, prideful and impenitence of the heart that anger and indignation is boomeranged back to those who judge with condemnation. It is through our misunderstanding that we believe that JESUS came into this world to reject us and to pass the sentence of condemnation to the people in the world. This is far from the truth, JESUS desire that we come to get to know HIM through HIS salvation for us so that we will become safe in HIM. This is how we escape dying in the judgment of condemnation, believe, cling to the knowledge of having faith, trust and rely in CHRIST JESUS knowing that HE is the SON of the living GOD who came to die in our place and then HE rose up from the dead victorious so that we will be victorious in HIM. But the ones who die in their sin of disbelief in the CHRIST is already judged and condemned, they will be rejected because it’s not our kindness towards others or works that will merit us the ability to enter into heaven but it’s our coming to the FATHER through CHRIST JESUS. Disbelievers in the SON of GOD [CHRIST JESUS] will incur damnation into the lake of fire. Which do people love more, the darkness or the light? Our deeds reveal where we are in our heart and spirit.

We must understand that it only took one man [Adam] to sin and bring about condemnation for each and every one of his descendants. And it only took one Man [JESUS] to provide humankind with the free gift of being acquitted in HIM. One act of disobedience brought all people under condemnation and one act of obedience brought those who will believe through faith in CHRIST JESUS the life of righteousness. Those of us who are in true communion/relationship with CHRIST JESUS are no longer under condemnation. We are no longer guilty of being wrong. What causes the flesh of man not to cooperate with it? The law. Because it has no grace, mercy, or power, it does not show us how to be righteous it tells us to be righteous and when we go against it, it condemns. So is the law the problem? Nope not at all because the law is holy and righteous but the flesh of man cannot obey the strictness of it. There is no room for error in the law. JESUS promised to give us HIS Holy Spirit who has the power to help us in our growth of righteousness in CHRIST JESUS. JESUS is aware that the flesh is weak for HE HIMself experienced weakness when HE was tempted but there is no sin that can be found in JESUS. And because sin is not found in HIM, HE did not sin. JESUS is our sin offering to condemn sin in the flesh, our flesh is not saved but we must make it obey the living Word of GOD. The order that we must adhere to is our living spirit man within us, then the soul (emotion) and lastly our flesh. Not our flesh, the soul and then the spirit. Sin only has power when we give it power over of us because JESUS concurred sin and it has no power. CHRIST JESUS sits on HIS throne on HIS FATHER’s right side praying for all of us who are washed in HIS blood. HE does not condemn us when we sin in action because HE understands that we did so either out of ignorance to HIS truth, out of emotion {the soul}, habit, or will. So when our heart convicts us don’t take it as condemnation because condemnation nags by accusation of our mistakes. Conviction is gentle, soft and wants us to be aware of what we did or said so that we will want to make the choice to change. What personal convictions do you yourself have? Live in them in the presence of the all-seeing and all-knowing GOD. Remain true to yourself by not condemning others for what they believe in CHRIST JESUS. We are to be happy knowing that the actions of belief are what we judge ourselves by. However, if there is uneasiness brought on by others who condemn pay them no mind because we are to remain true to our convictions of faith because if it is not from our faith then it is sin. We must learn to share through suggestion how through applying the truth of GOD’s Word in our own lives and what obedience has done for us. This is a good testimony, people need to see and know what has been done in our lives through CHRIST JESUS rather than being condemned because we believe ourselves to be any better than they are. Because when we falter we are disciplined by our FATHER through love not condemnation. It is not through condemnation that brings about glory but the love of knowing that we are loved and forgiven. Forgiveness, grace, love and mercy comes over and over like the waves of the ocean.  

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